Building Talent to Build Business: Canidium’s Training Success Story

Canidium is a leading software consultancy that partners with clients to improve business processes and deliver technology-driven solutions, such as Sales Performance Management, Pricing, Insurance, and Professional Services. To stand out as exemplary consultants and trusted business advisors, the leadership at Canidium knew that they needed a robust learning program to train their employees. Their search led them to Litmos’ learning management system.

In this article, Rodney Ray – the Director of Canidium’s Learning Program Management Office (LPMO) shares some of the ways in which his team leveraged Litmos to build onboarding and training programs that not only enhanced their employees’ skills and knowledge, but also aligned with the company’s overall business objectives.

Meeting training needs for a lean L&D team

Canidium currently trains over 150 active learners across North America, India, UK, Latin America, and Australia. With only 2 administrators in charge of L&D, Canidium needed an easy-to-use learning solution that could simplify the course creation and delivery process.

In explaining why Canidium’s LPMO chose Litmos, Ray points to a few key features that made the difference.”[Litmos] enabled Canidium to deploy and easily manage self-paced eLearning content. In addition, Litmos’ built-in content authoring tool has really changed the game for us.”

Ray also emphasized the ease of use that Litmos’ learning solution offers to both admins and end-users. “The learner can click through and learn at their own pace, making the content far more accessible for our global team. It also provides the ability to update our training more easily, as the products we support continually change and grow over time. This is very important within a SaaS framework.”

Upskilling consultants with continuous training

Within a consulting company, providing continuous upskilling opportunities to consultants in-between projects is key, especially in an ever-expanding software environment. Ray points to virtual onboarding, training, and cross-training as vital tools for consultants to develop new skills that can be redeployed in other areas of the business.

“In the SaaS ecosystem, our product partners continue to roll out new features and enhancements to their software, which creates an ongoing need to train our consultants to work with our customers to implement these features,” he explains.

The positive impact of effective training

Ray shared some of the ways in which the Canidium LMPO’s onboarding and cross-training strategy – supported by Litmos’ LMS – helped the company meet key business objectives:

  • Canidium’s Insurance Team has grown by approximately 20% in the first half of 2023, driving 24% year-to-date revenue growth.
  • Over half of open roles in 2023 were filled with existing employees who were cross-trained from other areas of the company.
  • Trainees ranged from entry-level hires, with minimal experience, to more seasoned consultants and architects.
  • As a service company, Canidium works under Master Services Agreements (MSAs) with their customers. Litmos helps them stay at 100% compliance and offers a variety of compliance settings for each course.
  • Canidium was able to rapidly develop and deploy virtual training on a new insurance product feature (Agent Connection) for an immediate 5X knowledge expansion factor, and made this module available as part of the learning path for all new hires and cross-trainees going forward.

In addition to these impressive results, Canidium boasts an onboarding timeframe that is more almost 4x faster than the industry standard. The average timeframe to train and staff a new Canidium team member averages around 30 days, compared to the industry average of between 110-140 days. (2019 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Survey)

Finally, Canidium has added Litmos Training Content to their Litmos Solutions portfolio, saving them countless hours on course development.

“We have activated over 100 Litmos courses in our library. If we conservatively estimated 40 hours of development time per course, that would equate to months of development time we saved,” says Ray when asked how much time he believes they have saved using Litmos Training Content.

Canidium’s journey with Litmos exemplifies how a tailored learning solution can revolutionize training and development efforts within a global organization. The quantifiable improvements that the company has seen in engagement and product knowledge demonstrate the immense value Litmos has brought to Canidium’s business.

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