Celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day

celebrating world creativity and innovation dayCreativity is one of those concepts we all think we understand and a word we easily toss around. But, if you actually had to explain it, you’d soon find out it’s quite a tricky thing to pin down.

Go on. Try it; define creativity.

Exactly. It’s a very broad term that can be applied in numerous ways across countless disciplines, and thus makes it a bit of a head scratcher as far as narrowly defining it.

It’s probably so difficult to define because creativity means different things to different people. For some, it’s interpreted simply as artistic expression, which we can all relate to. Everybody’s been struck by inspiration at least once in their life. Perhaps it led to an artistic pursuit they’d rather forget. That half-finished watercolor self-portrait hidden in your garage can attest to that.

Whereas creativity for others can mean something more akin to advanced problem solving – like the ability to see patterns and form connections from disparate pieces of information, ideas, or images. Or, it could be possessing a clarity of vision and thought, seeing new ways of doing things, and seizing the opportunity to deviate from conventional thought. Sure, maybe that idea for a new food delivery service exclusively for pets is the next million dollar idea. It’s definitely… original.

What does creativity have to do with eLearning?

April 21, 2022 is World Creativity and Innovation Day, which was created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the role creativity and innovation play in economic, social, and sustainable development. It’s also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the vital role creativity plays more generally in culture, education, and society.

Creativity is a vital skill. It routinely lands at the top of lists for the most valuable skills recruiters look for. And, creativity is a desirable skill to possess. We all want to have those original ideas – the ones that can inspire an entire team to get behind you. We all want that ability to turn a problem on its head and find that simple yet completely perfect solution. Likewise, we’ve all felt the spark of inspiration before and appreciate how intoxicating it is to be in the creative “zone,” where your brain is firing on all cylinders and you’re seemingly picking ingenious ideas out of thin air.

Productivity, innovation, even engagement – they’re all inextricably linked to creativity. So, with it being a skill, can creativity be taught?

We at Litmos think you can train for creativity.

In honor of World Creativity and Innovation Day, we thought we would highlight a few titles from the Litmos Training Content library that explore the many different aspects of creativity.

First up, what better place to start than Creative Thinking Skills.

Most people like to think of themselves as being creative to some degree. That doesn’t mean we don’t find ourselves occasionally in a creative rut. Sometimes generating the idea is the easiest part of the process – and the challenge lies in how you execute it.

In this course, you’ll learn how to think more creatively. It explores the science of creativity, looks at the key creative skills everyone wishes to have, and offers some simple steps you can take to become a more creative thinker.

Next up, we’d like to highlight the Litmos Training Content course devoted to Inspiration.

A lack of ideas can be terrifying. It can make you lose all faith in your own abilities. But inspiration doesn’t always come like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere. You can be your own inspiration. The course examines the concept of inspiration and how an initial creative spark can be triggered from within. It offers some steps to follow in order to stay inspired, motivated, and creative. So, if you’re feeling uninspired, need motivation, or just want to understand a little more about the psychology of getting things done – this course is for you.

And finally, we wanted to shine a light on a different aspect of the creative process with Managing Team Creativity.

Research has shown that “identifying creativity” is one of the most desirable leadership attributes. So, what is required of a leader to effectively shepherd their team through a creative process? In this course, you’ll discover key knowledge and practical advice to help identify talent, stimulate collaborative creativity, and manage a team’s thoughts and feelings during the creative process.

So, there you have it, a selection of creativity-related titles from the Litmos Training Content library to keep you inspired during World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022!