Where Are They Now? A Litmos Customer Update Featuring Celigo

celigoLast year we introduced you to Celigo, a Litmos customer with an amazing success story. Celigo created “Celigo University” and boasted 2,000 active global monthly users, 1,600+ courses and 115+ learning paths, and $1.8M cost savings. With such a successful year behind them, here’s an inspiring update on how they grew in 2022 and what drove them to continue growing their training program with Litmos.

Who is Celigo?

Celigo is the leading enterprise-wide Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provider for the mid-market. Named a G2 Best Software for 2021, Celigo enables breakaway growth, controlled cost management, and superior customer experiences by ensuring that every process – at any level of the organization – can be automated in the most optimal way. Their mission is to make automation as simple as possible by enabling anyone in the enterprise to build or deploy integrations.

A sit down interview with Celigo

This week I virtually sat down with Emilee Johnson, VP, Corporate Enablement & Global Sales Transformation at Celigo, to discuss their recent growth and success with Litmos and their University. Here is what she had to say:

KSL: The last time I connected with you, your team had produced some really impressive numbers. How have those numbers grown in the last year?

EJ:  By EOY 2022, we saw 102,000+ courses completed and almost 12,000 certifications achieved, whereas 2021 ended with 53,000 courses and 4,700 certifications.

KSL: Wow! What about active courses and learning paths? I’m assuming that has grown exponentially as well.

EJ: We now have 3,000 active courses and 190 Learning Paths for consumption, which includes the Litmos Content, an increase from 1600 courses and 115 Learning Paths at the end of 2021.

KSL: That is something to be proud of! Celigo has been a customer of ours for about 2.5 years and we appreciate understanding how Litmos has been able to support your growth..

EJ: Thank you, we are really proud!

KSL: I know you recently restructured your Litmos agreement a little bit. Would you talk me through what inspired that?

EJ: We needed to add additional global users. When we first launched in May 2020, we only had 895 active users; now we trend easily over 2,000 active users per month.


During our interview, Emilee also shared her screen with me to walk me through the Litmos LM integration with Google in which they can see the Google Analytics Audience Overview.

EJ: If we set our parameters to one year, January 2022-December 2022, and take a look at our Litmos instance through the Google Analytics, we  can see we had ~14,000 unique users visit the site and over 1.2 million page views.

KSL: That’s amazing, and so nice that you have that data broken down. As an integration company, integrations like this are very important for you. What other ways do you utilize the open APIs?

EJ:  The open APIs really are key for us. We have created a new global HRIS solution and because both that program and Litmos have the open APIs we are going to be able to automate all the onboarding and offboarding, which will be great because it is a manual process right now. We’ll be able to marry the two programs and assign courses by roles. For example, if you are a manager you get a certain set of security courses, but if someone else is not, they don’t see those manager specific courses. It’s great because we are able to use our own technology very fluidly because you do have the open APIs, so now our trainers will be able to train and do their jobs without the added stress of being an LMS administrator as well. In addition to those, we  also utilize the pre-built Salesforce integration which is helpful for customer, partner, and sales training.

KSL: That’s incredible how many ways you utilize the system with your own technology! As far as Litmos Content, how are you  utilizing the off-the-shelf library?

EJ: We are growing by leaps and bounds, so in terms of the content, it has really helped us save a lot of time because we know that you need to have these courses whether  it’s HIPAA Compliance, GDPR Compliance, or whatever those mandatory courses may be. Not having to build those internally has saved us a lot of resources and time.

KSL: So, what’s next? How do you see yourself continuing to grow your Litmos use case in 2023?

EJ: I really want to work on creating a space for our key partners using the Brands feature and unique branded learner dashboards.  I also want to begin exploring the Collections feature you offer.

Another thing that is top of mind for me is how we want to use the Tagging feature. One thing we want to do is use Tagging to allow our sales leaders to have intimate coaching opportunities. I want a sales leader to be able to look at a rep’s sales cycle and see where they are losing their deals. Then, because of the tagging we have in place, through Salesforce, the rep will get a course or recorded training automatically recommended to them that directly correlates with where in the sales cycle they seem to be struggling.  In addition to that, we are going to be Tagging our marketing content to see what they are sending out to customers. The ultimate goal is to have that holistic dashboard so I can see what marketing content is being used at what stage in the opportunity and I have the recorded training content there so that I can have that available to be assigned to reps. Putting all of these pieces together with Tagging will just help us ensure we are supporting our sales leaders so that they can efficiently coach their teams.

KSL: Wow, you’re going to be busy this year, but it all sounds so exciting. We can’t wait to see how you end 2023 with what I’m sure will be another impressively successful year!

Closing Thoughts

With ~700 employees globally, Celigo is a perfect example of how Litmos can accelerate and expand training for mid-market organizations. They utilize Litmos LMS, Litmos Content, the out-of-the-box Salesforce integration, and the open APIs to save both time and money.

They are also an excellent example of how many different use cases you can explore with Litmos. Celigo uses the LMS and Content for not only internal employee training (onboarding, compliance, professional development), but also for Customer Training, Partner Training, and Sales Training. We know we’re entirely biased, but we really do think they’re one of the best in the game when it comes to their training process. So, thank you to Emilee for sitting down with me again and to the entire Celigo team. Keep up the good work because you all are crushing it!


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