Call for Submissions: Lenny Awards Customer Showcase 2022

lenny awards 2022We know how hard you work every single day to ensure that your organization has the best training programs possible. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are constantly in awe of the inspiring ways our customers utilize Litmos Training. That is why we want the chance to celebrate YOU!

We are so excited to announce the commencement of our… drumroll please… : 5th Annual Lenny Awards!

What are the Lenny Awards?

The Lenny Awards showcase innovative and inspiring Litmos Training use cases that have measurably benefited your employee training, external enterprise training, improved sales, service, and/or channel performance, and have a proven ROI that gives your organization a strategic advantage.

The Lenny Awards give you a chance to share your successes with your peers and this year, being our fifth year, we’re going bigger than ever. In the past, you may remember, we simply called out the name of the winner and they accepted their award. This year, our winners will be given the opportunity to present their use case to the rest of our customer base!

We wish so badly that you all could win and share your inspiring success stories, but unfortunately, with hundreds of amazing customers, we would need to have a week-long webinar to pass the mic to everyone. Since we don’t want you to have to sit at your desk for that long, we’ve narrowed it down to seven category winners. If you aren’t selected, you still have the awesome opportunity to learn tips and tricks from your peers that are some of the best in the training game. You may also have the opportunity to participate in a case study or blog post about your use case!

How do I win a Lenny Award?

You could be a contender to be featured in the Lenny Award Customer Showcase, if you’ve built a learning program that has:

  • Measurably benefited your customer-facing workforces
  • Improved sales, service and/or channel performance
  • Strengthened your customer or partner training program(s)
  • Advanced the value of learning within your organization
  • Have proven results/metrics that give your organization a strategic advantage

If you think your organization fits one (or many) of the below categories, then enter your organization for an award today! (Yes, you can enter for more than one).

  • Best Customer Training
  • Best Sales Training
  • Best UI
  • Best Not for Profit Training Program
  • Best Service Training
  • Best Employee Training
  • Best Partner Training Program

To learn more about each category and enter your organization for an award, check out the Lenny Awards page on the Litmos website. We’re accepting submissions until October 7, 2022.

We look forward to hearing all of your amazing stories.