New Mixed-media Learning Content

mixed-media training coursesLet’s talk for a minute about how we learn. It’s safe to say that it’s changed and developed over the years. Educational classes went online. The amount of information we were exposed to blew up – thanks Wikipedia! – and if something needs fixing in our home, we now go straight to YouTube (and then five hours later we wish we’d called a professional).

But you know what we’re saying. Things have developed. The fact that eLearning exists at all will tell you that. The reason we’re in business in this thriving industry is because sitting in a classroom setting, staring at never-ending slide decks and being forced to read through booklet after booklet (while gradually falling asleep) doesn’t really work that well. Not anymore.

To be its best, we believe eLearning should never stop adapting.

At Litmos, we’ve always wanted to ensure people are engaged in their learning. Not just that, we want people to enjoy it.

We know – it’s a lot to ask.

We’re now evolving our library to include mixed-media courses, which we’re extremely excited to launch. These courses have a mix of our usual, wonderful animations – and some live action video. Exciting, isn’t it?

The biggest benefit here is that mixed media means variety. And we love variety. But more importantly, learners love variety. Of course they do. Variety keeps things fresh and it keeps us interested. So we think this is a great thing for learner engagement.

Not only that – it means we can adapt and amend our courses faster. After all, the world is changing around us all the time. So, if something related to one of our courses suddenly changes – like a statistic or a best practice – we can make those edits and get the updated information out there quicker.

And because these courses are faster to create, we have the freedom to bring out new material more quickly to allow us to address world events around us. You know, like a pandemic.

So – we hope you’re as excited as we are about launching our mixed-media style of courses.