Taking on Go-to-Market Revenue Enablement with New Litmos Training Content

Corporate organizations and their employees are usually in business with the same aim – to make money, generate revenue, and make a splash in the marketplace. But if it was that was easy, every product launched would be a triumph and every service a success.

Is your business looking to launch or enhance its revenue enablement strategy? Litmos is here to help! Our new Go-to-Market Revenue Enablement Learning Content offers guidance and support for every customer-facing function in your organization. In this article, we’ll explore this new offering and how it can take your revenue enablement to the next level.

Training for every area of revenue enablement

If your organization finds elements of revenue enablement a challenge, the right training for revenue teams can make all the difference. Litmos’ new revenue enablement courses put the DNA of revenue enablement under the microscope, so that everyone in your business understands their impact and has the tools and knowledge to maximize revenue.

Litmos’ Go-to-Market Revenue Enablement Learning Content is structured into four distinct channels, each representing the primary functional departments integral to revenue enablement: product, marketing, sales, and CX. Each channel contains a series of courses exploring key topics and knowledge areas that illustrate specific processes and functions essential to the department’s role within an overall revenue enablement strategy.

Learners are given the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge and insights on each of the four functional channels, enabling them to recognize how they can succeed in their specific role and effectively contribute to revenue growth. Additionally, they can gain a more detailed perspective of what constitutes a successful revenue enablement strategy.

At the conclusion of each channel, learners are invited to engage in a curated scenario-based learning assessment. These assessments immerse the learners in a series of authentic business activities structured around the revenue enablement concepts presented in each content channel. Through the four assessments, the learners have the chance to implement the knowledge, skills and best practice they have gained in a series of authentic decision-making scenarios.

Why revenue enablement training matters

Let’s think about the term “revenue enablement,” for a second. Basically, within every money-making organization, everyone is playing a role in enabling revenue and ideally maximizing it through efficient and effective business operations.

Take product development, for instance. You create new products that can provide unique value that customers will pay for. That’s contributing to revenue enablement.

Or what about marketing? They craft engaging campaigns that promote and generate awareness and demand for products among your target market. This function undoubtedly playing a vital role in enabling revenue generation.

How about value selling? Your sales team builds tailored pitches that demonstrate how a product provides tangible value to customers, by meeting their needs and preferences. Customers who see that value are buying, and revenue is being generated as a result.

Each of these revenue functions don’t exist in a vacuum. The most successful companies implement consistent and cohesive training across the enterprise to ensure that every customer-facing employee receives the same access to high quality resources and training. Aligning revenue enablement across these functions helps everyone in an organization effectively represent their company’s brand and build long-lasting customer relationships. That can only happen with a strategic revenue enablement plan.

Revenue Enablement as an ecosystem

The philosophy behind revenue enablement emphasizes the importance of aligning organizational departments and processes with a unified set of objectives. This alignment is achieved through a sequential approach, as outlined below:

Enhancing cross-functionality:

  • Facilitating collaboration across departments
  • Promoting efficient utilization of resources
  • Streamlining workflows

Enables the organization to…

Optimize the customer experience:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Enhancing brand reputation

Which ultimately enables the organization to…

Drive sustainable revenue growth:

  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Capitalizing on upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Maximizing profitability
  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences

Following these objectives enables organizations to create a cohesive environment that prioritizes customer-centric practices and fosters long-term revenue growth and success.

Employee enablement is revenue enablement

Ensuring employees understand the fundamentals of revenue enablement is how successful businesses acquire and retain customers, deliver great customer experiences, and drive lasting revenue growth. By implementing Litmos’ Go-to-Market Revenue Enablement Learning Content, companies can provide learners with vital knowledge and best practices that can maximize the impact their roles have on the success and revenue growth of their organizations.

Are you ready to empower your product, marketing, sales, and CX teams to drive revenue? Explore the Go-to-Market Revenue Enablement Collection today to get started!