Learning and Training for Success: Key Lessons

training and learning for user successConsider this: How does your organization define success when it comes to Learning and Development (L&D)? Are your learners motivated? Productive? Do they believe in the learning you’re delivering them? Do they value flexible and mobile learning?

Aligning these goals with your organization’s goals and strategy is the key to its success. Embracing modern learning delivery technologies can help learners become more cost-effective and is less disruptive to the productivity of your organization.

In today’s modern learning environment, L&D professionals are rapidly becoming curators of learning, providing resources and coaching workers in their professional development. Rather than trying to be the fount of all information – an impossible task in today’s search engine-led society – L&D professionals must act as guides on employees’ learning journeys.

Maintain brand identity and quality standards

Maintaining a consistent brand identity and that quality standards remain the same across all verticals of your organization is an essential first step in the success of your goals. This means keeping up a stellar quality of services and knowledge training across all areas of service and operations; essentially, quality equals success.

You can’t underestimate the importance of embedding customer-centricity across your organization. In a customer-centric organization, every employee is focused on improving the customer experience – to build loyalty, repeat business and consistent service practices. A common misbelief is that customer experience is the sole domain of customer services, sales, and marketing. However, true customer-centricity happens when each and every employee act in the best interest of the customer – including areas of the organization that don’t come in direct contact with the customer.

Continuously innovate and evolve

So, is offering excellence in your products and service enough to be successful and relevant in today’s every-changing environment? Aligning your business with the needs of your customers goes without saying, but the addition of a digital training program could be the key to your continued success. Adopting this across your business might seem daunting, but where others have gone before, so can you!

Harvest Health gained an edge over the competition

Multi-vertical companies have an edge over single verticals, because they can attract larger and more diverse crowds. This is where Harvest Health is a true trailblazer. One of the US’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies and a multi-state operator, Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. delivers an unrivaled experience for their patients, customers, vendors, and employees. Harvest’s six-person L&D team ensures the training they deliver via Litmos is purpose-driven; they know despite being a multiple-vertical company they can’t have siloed training.

When Harvest’s Director of Learning & Development, Valerie Marsh, joined in 2018, Harvest had just over 500 employees. Within less than 12 months, they had grown to almost 3,000. Valerie knew this rate of growth, combined with multiple states and verticals, meant Harvest needed to have an effective learning strategy from day one.

Harvest now also uses Litmos for role-specific training across all four verticals to ensure everyone has the knowledge needed to perform their job correctly, effectively, and legally. In retail alone, this includes nearly 600 Dispensary Associates and 70 retail managers across five states. Additionally, in states where both medical and recreational cannabis are legal, training programs must address the nuances of these regulatorily unique customer interactions and sales. Add all the other verticals, and the breadth and depth of this scope can seem daunting. Luckily, Litmos makes every aspect from delivery to reporting quick and simple.

Having Litmos ensures everyone hears the same message, in the same way.”
– Valerie Marsh, Director of Learning & Development at Harvest

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