New Bloomberg Courses to Improve Leadership and Development

bloomberg coursesGreat news for Litmos customers: we’ve recently launched a set of Bloomberg courses to improve leadership and development at your company.

You’re likely already familiar with Bloomberg. It’s quite famously the privately held financial, software, data, and media company headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. It earns approximately $10 billion a year and even has its own global television network. The well-known founder was the mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, and was a candidate for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president of the United States.

But, here’s one thing you might not know about Bloomberg: Litmos teamed up with the company to produce 60 courses covering topics as diverse as overcoming pandemics to the origins of Dunkin Donuts. Quite the range, don’t you think?

Bloomberg courses in the collection include:

  • Sustainability: You’ll find courses such as Curing our Plastic Problem, Pass the Green Deal, and How to feed 10 Billion People.
  • Beating the Pandemic: Take advantage of courses like Can we Overcome Pandemics and What Earth Looks like When Everything Stops.
  • Technology: Get expert insights on the latest tech innovations in courses such as The AI that Puts Words in your Mouth.
  • Celebrities and Leaders: Discover the personal journeys of the super-successful from financial gurus like Warren Buffet to tech info from Mark Zuckerberg, and even life coaching from Jay Z, JK Rowling, and Magic Johnson. You’re sure to be inspired by some of the planets best-known stars.

Beyond being entertaining (trust us, you’ll want to check out the AI course – it’s about voice simulation and is really cool), taking these courses can really help you develop within your career. And who knows; maybe after a few of these, you can adapt your own working style to be the next Bill Gates  or Ralph Lauren?

These courses are available to all Litmos customers who subscribe to both the LMS platform and the course library. Wondering if that’s you? Get in touch!

We really hope you check out these Bloomberg courses and learn from the best!