5 Key Characteristics of Generation Y

With Gen Y fast approaching the front line of our workforce, it’s time to start thinking about what makes these guys tick. Unlike the Baby Boomers & Gen X’ers who have grown up in the 3D world, Gen Y have grown up with the Internet at their fingertips. The world to them is virtual and the possibilities are endless. The work of trend forecaster and futurist Anni Macbeth is fascinating to read or listen to so I’ve summarised some of her views below.

5 things to consider when understanding Generation Y:

  • Walk the Talk. You only have one shot to gain their trust, if you fail they will write you off for good. If they suspect for a moment that you are trying to ‘pull the wool over their eyes’, so to speak, they will be gone in a nanosecond.
  • Gen Y are multi-channelers and can focus fully on many variables at once, rather than us single channelers. (Mac brings up an interesting example of how a Gen X’er or BB if lost while driving, would pull over, turn down the stereo and look at the map. What does the stereo volume have to do with looking at a map?! Single channelers..)
  • They care & are committed to saving the planet
  • Most live under the radar of establishment
  • There is a sense of immediacy as they are on a faster journey and their expectations of services or relationships are higher

For more insights check out Peter Sheahan who became a millionaire at 18 by establishing himself as an expert on Gen Y. He was also named Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2006.