Litmos Listed as Favorite LMS User Interface

The New Talent Timeswrote a nice blog post last month and listed their favorite LMS user interface designs. I’ve always loved the LitmosLMS for it’s ease of use, and so I am not surprised that others find it appealing.

Software Advice, a company that reviews HR & LMS technology, chose Litmos because it makes course navigation simple — for both learners and administrators. Its administrator interface allows for report generation, enrollment tracking as well as the ability to send direct messages to learners. The Web-based LMS is also accessible on multiple devices and affords learners the convenience of mobile learning.” — Erin Osterhaus, HR researcher at Software Advice.

It’s great to see the hard work of the Litmos developers highlighted and praised in the Talent industry. They are the hardest working developers in the business. Nice work guys!

Why Companies Love Litmos!

litmos testimonials

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One of my favorite things about Litmos is the ability to access it from any device and that means getting work done from anywhere, at any time. It’s a big deal now, but it was an even bigger deal 7 years ago. The founders had an eye on the future and created the LMS we had all been waiting for.

“Litmos is accessible through any device with an Internet connection, which makes it easy for administrators—as well as employees—to log in from anywhere, at any time”

It’s not just intuitive, it is fun to use

It really is just darn fun to use.  And a big part of that fun comes from the user interface driving a wonderful user experience. Our customers tell us in fun ways. I love this twitter post from Tricia Ransom (@triciaransom)