Effective Use of Vertical Video for Training

vertical videoI guess technology is moving more quickly than I thought.  So quickly, in fact, that vertical video has already jumped the shark. Okay, maybe not yet. But it’s further along in the main stream than I thought. Vertical video is already being embraced by mobile journalists. News departments and digital content producers have even defined templates, and models for designing and displaying vertical video. Check out Snapchat! The news brands are killing it with vertical video on Snapchat!

@walruswinks (aka David Neal) hit me up on twitter with a link to the video of Robb Montgomery‘s presentation at the International Journalism Festival. 

I encourage all of my T&D colleagues to watch this and learn from the journalists. It won’t be long before you will need to take vertical video into consideration as part of your mobile learning strategy.

Anyone going to mLearnCon next week? I hope someone is there talking about vertical video. Looks like this track is your best bet for hearing more about vertical vs. horizontal. Or just watch this video…

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fLMAdGxYvgo?rel=0″]

To recap… Vertical video is very real! Vertical video is already here! Vertical video can be more than just video! Vertical video will be the future of mobile video…and mlearning. That video should be enough to get you interested in how vertical video might work in your learning projects. Let me know if you ever use vertical video. I’d love to hear about your experience.