How LaborMAX Built a Robust Learning Culture from Scratch

smiling man in a high-visibility vest in from of heavy equipment“We went from having an organization that was unsure if a training program was even needed to having a very robust and vibrant Learning platform and being able to develop a learning culture within the organization.”

That was the response we received when we asked Sparrow Malvino, Learning and Development Program Manager at LaborMAX Staffing, what achievements she has noticed since the company started using Litmos as a corporate training solution.

Who is LaborMAX Staffing?

LaborMAX Staffing was established in 2002 and provides staffing services within the light industrial niche of the staffing industry. They have 150 locations doing business as LaborMAX Staffing, which are owned by 45 separate legal entities. This model allows their partners some autonomy in operations while providing shared support from their corporate location. As an organization, they aim to respond quickly with reliable and trustworthy service to their varied customers, with a local presence. Their customers range anywhere from small, independent businesses to Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.

Training Before Litmos

Before implementing Litmos as a compliance learning solution, LaborMAX Staffing did not have a learning department or learning culture and the training was inconsistent. Training only took place at the start of an employee’s tenure, and the goal of it was to teach new hires how to be functional in the branch and perform basic processes. With multiple locations creating their own training materials, inaccuracies, redundancies, and inefficiencies in training became an issue.

The LaborMAX Staffing team knew it was time to look for a Learning Management System (LMS) to centralize training and tackle their team’s learning goals.

How LaborMAX Staffing Utilizes Litmos

During the first year of implementation, the LaborMAX Staffing team focused heavily on creating content for new hires and utilizing the Litmos Courses to provide professional development and growth opportunities for already established employees.

Our main goal was to free up time during the onboarding process at the local level and help new hires get a solid base before diving into the day-to-day operations. Additionally, we started creating the viewpoint that our Litmos instance was the central hub of information. If an employee had a question or needed to learn something, they could look on LaborMAX University. In that first year, Litmos helped our company put controls in place for training content and standardized available resources,” says Malvino.

Today, four years post implementation, LaborMAX Staffing now views Litmos as a crucial part of their ongoing learning and development strategy for all internal employees and the organization’s leadership feels prepared to support and upskill employees wherever they are in their careers.

Results with Litmos LMS

LaborMAX Staffing has seen how centralizing learning resources and cultivating a continuous learning culture can make a business impact. The organization currently trains 418 learners with 5 LMS administrators in 132 locations and 33 states. In 2022, they had 39,865 courses taken by 865 learners.

As we evolve, Litmos has always been able to provide what we need. We continually get approached by Litmos competitors and we turn them down because we have everything we need and can continue to grow with Litmos. Despite challenges such as COVID, the Great Resignation, and internal growing pains, we have been able to use our LMS to provide needed content and continue operations which has helped us continue to be profitable and expand our locations. We do all of this spending less than .001% of our revenue,” states Malvino.

LaborMAX Staffing estimates a savings of $192,000 in 2022 for time saved onboarding and training new employees. Additionally, the introduction of an LMS and other measures for training related to cyber security, they have been able to mitigate over $17 million in cyber security risk yearly.

Results with Litmos Content

Since launching Litmos LMS and Content in May of 2018, LaborMAX has seen its employees take 30,781 Litmos courses. Some employees have leveraged Litmos content to get training in sales, technology, office, and communication skills – areas in which they might lack expertise, due to varying backgrounds and experiences, but which are critical to performing well in their industry. Litmos courses have helped level the playing field for those that experience skills gaps.

With the Litmos library it is not just that there are thousands of courses that we did not have to make, there are many courses that we would never take on. It is not just about saving us thousands of hours of time; it is about being able to provide so much more than we ever could,” expresses Malvino.

Looking Towards the Future

While LaborMAX Staffing is already boasting an impressive resume when it comes to training, as they head into their 21st year of business, they hope to increase course completion by 10%, focus on training new hires, and improve retention with a more complete onboarding course program. They also hope that providing more training resources to their National Accounts team will help them generate more revenue.

In just a few years, LaborMAX Staffing has transformed its L&D strategy, from inconsistency to innovation. Litmos is proud to be part of this transformation and looks forward to helping LaborMAX Staffing continue to meet its learning and training goals!

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