2020: The Year That Wasn’t Fetch

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by 2020. In my mind, everyone who’s reading this blog has their hand raised. It’s been a long year, and everyone has felt the impact of the current global pandemic. To keep it simple, this year has been tough, and nothing will ever change that. While I would never ignore the harsh realities of the world, one thing always helped me escape reality: virtual movie reunions.

I love going to the movies and since I haven’t been able to go this year, it’s been nice to see some of my favorite movies have their casts reunite. The Mean Girls cast reunion was especially memorable for me, not only because it’s a flat-out funny movie, but it’s one I grew up with and I quote constantly. Which is why when I looked back at Litmos in 2020, I couldn’t help but give it a Regina George spin.

1. “You can sit with us.” – The Remote Readiness Academy and The New Adaptivity Academy

We know the real quote is “You can’t sit with us!” but when it became clear to everyone at Litmos that the world was fully turned upside down, we knew we needed to take action. That’s why we developed The Remote Readiness Academy and the New Adaptivity Academy.

The Remote Readiness Academy was created to help and educate people who had to transition from working in an office to working from home fulltime. The New Adaptivity Academy was created to continue supporting organizational success in a changed environment.

We’re so proud to have made these free training courses available during a time of uncertainty and we hope that they were a valuable asset to all who accessed the academies.

adaptivity academy screenshot

2. “That’s why their learning program is so big. It’s full of secrets.” – Dojo Webinar Series

For those unfamiliar with it, the Litmos Dojo is a comprehensive library of Learning Paths and Courses meant to provide customers with knowledge on how to kick start their learning programs and potentially excel to super-user level (or what we’d call a Litmos Black Belt). This year, the team wanted to take that experience to new heights. That’s why they and launched a series of webinars meant to give helpful insights for customers on how to make the most of the platform. So, while they weren’t entirely “secrets,” they did provide lots of handy tips on customization, reporting, and so much more! You can find all of these webinars here.

3. “I’m not like a regular LMS. I’m a cool LMS!” – Product and Content Updates

There’s nothing cooler than an updated product, so we introduced a bunch of enhanced and new capabilities, including the highly anticipated Content Author. Throughout the year, we released four different product updates as well as new and updated content each month. Learn all about your product updates here and see what new training content is available here.

4. “The limit does not exist.” – Litmos Resources

We hate to brag, but the Litmos team was committed to creating new resources this year. Why would we want to limit the number of resources we can provide to help your learning programs? Check out some of our favorite resources we created this year:

5. “It’s not my fault you’re, like, in love with me or something!” – The 2020 Lenny Awards

We can’t help but be a little obsessed with our 2020 Lenny Award Winners. Chosen from hundreds of submissions from our customers across many different use cases, these awards honored how these learning leaders impacted their learning culture, delivered powerful training to employees, customers, and partners, enabled salespeople to exceed their potential, empowered more successful customer service organizations, and more.

At the end of the day, we can’t help but wonder, “Is learning a carb?” Sometimes we feel like it is, considering we can’t get enough of it. We know it’s been a challenging year, but we’re proud of our customers, employees, and partners. Here’s hoping 2021 will actually be fetch!