Simply the Best: Lenny Award Winners 2020

2020 lenny award winnersIn the TV show, Schitt’s Creek, there’s an ongoing inclusion of the song “The Best” by Tina Turner. It pops up in the form of an acoustic serenade, an endearing lip sync, and it even finds its way into a pivotal scene in the show’s finale.

In our last Lenny Award blog post, we talked about how gratifying it is to be acknowledged and appreciated for hard work, and compared it to the success of Schitt’s Creek and their Emmy sweep. Keeping with the Schitt’s Creek theme, we hope you’ll queue up Tina Turner’s hit song as you read through the Lenny Award winners who are simply the best.

The 2020 Lenny Award Winners

The Lenny Awards celebrate exceptional businesses using training to create positive experiences for customers every day. This year, we received hundreds of submissions from our customers across many different use cases. Reading through each entry took a substantial amount of time, but it was incredible to see how our customers have adapted and grown despite the challenges 2020 has presented. Nearly every submission referenced the global pandemic, and we are in awe of how our customers found new ways to use Litmos Training and Litmos training courses.

We are excited to share the results:

Best Channel/Partner Training Program

For customers who have rolled out a partner training program to drive learning among their external audience. The winners are:

  • Desjardins
  • Edge2Learn
  • Finastra

Best Culture of Learning

For customers who have rolled out a training program beyond checking boxes, rallying their learners around a shared mission that moves the company forward. The winners are:

  • Royal Bank Canada
  • Pride Mobility Products, Corp
  • Travel Counsellors

Best Customer Training Program

For customers who have built a customer training program, giving their own customers the tools and knowledge to succeed. The winners are:

  • 180 Skills, LLC
  • World Travel Holdings
  • AFG

Best Employee Training Program

For customers who have made training a priority within their organization and built out programs, giving their teammates and peers the tools and knowledge to succeed. The winners are:

  • Canidium LLC
  • Rahr Corp
  • Zenitas

Best Not-for-Profit Training Program

For Not-for-Profit customers who have seen success and created change through their training program. The winners are:

  • SPAN Parent Advocacy Network
  • National Wood Flooring Association
  • Golding Homes

Best Sales Training Program

Winners in this category have seen huge increases in sales, productivity and overall product knowledge due to their training program. The winners are:

  • Sabre
  • Rewards Network
  • SMC Corporation of America

Best Service Training Program

For customers who have streamlined their service training and reduced customer support tickets. The winners are:

  • NCSA Next College Student Athlete
  • Oculus Training

Zero to Hero

For customers who have gone from having no training department or resources to showing exceptional growth and success through the roll-out of their training program. The winners are:

  • Ford Direct
  • Celigo
  • Harvest Health & Recreation

Best UI

For customers who have gone above and beyond with the customization of their user interface. The winners are:

  • Amelio Health PTY Ltd

Best Transition to Remote Training

For customers who have transitioned to remote training due to the COVID-19 pandemic or have updated their learning program due to the pandemic. The winners are:

  • Covenant Logistics Group
  • Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
  • Tauranga City Council

Congratulations to all of our winners! And, thank you to all who submitted. We appreciate your dedication to advancing learning and demonstrating the real-world benefits of Training in the Now.