Creating Award-winning Digital Learning: A Tale from the Frontline with Fosway Group and Commercial Express

In a year where companies learned that almost nothing is certain or predictable, Commercial Express was able to empower their workforce and drive value from digital learning during 2020. They proved that the ability to change, pivot, and adapt are top qualities now and for the foreseeable future (as much as we’d like to avoid predictions these days).

For the full story, we were joined via webinar by David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group, and Jonathan Hill, Digital Learning Manager at Commercial Express, who discussed how to create digital learning that matters. David and Jonathan delighted us with tales from the frontline; a term playfully taken from a Commercial Express release, where Jonathan drew inspiration from the success of retro films and games, in this particular case, from the Star Wars franchise.

With their recent Liability Wages & Turnover Course by Aro & Cov, Commercial Express introduced a retro, gamification element to their courses, something that Digital Learning Manager Jon Hill describes as:

When I put these characters into a computer game scenario, what that’s doing is chunking up the information – in a memorable way. So, people become aware of the key features of our product line. This speaks to two audiences. Those who are familiar with insurance, feel a sense of familiarity with the content. And those who are new to insurance, think it’s retro; it’s cool and so, gamification tends to talk to two audiences at once.”

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If this resonates with you, why not fix yourself a snack or drink and sit back and relax, as Jon and David discuss all this and more? Engaging, insightful, and honest, Jon reveals how Commercial Express has designed an online learning program that works; because when budgets are tight, it’s the L&D teams who can deliver great learning to their people and drive great business outcomes. They’re who you can trust to ensure your company not only survives, but thrives.

In this webinar, Jon and David discuss how an online training program can lead your organization into 2021. Discover what worked and what didn’t work, and how Jon, as the sole member of his L&D team, leveraged the power of Litmos and his own creativity and intuition to create a learning program that helped guide Commercial Express to success and an award-winning position in 2020.

View the recorded webinar to learn:

  • The foundational elements of a good Digital Learning Strategy
  • What to look for in a good solution and partner
  • How things have changed in the past nine months
  • The key lessons in driving value from digital learning at Commercial Express
  • What’s going to change in 2021

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