Epping Forest District Council Empowers Staff to Serve their Community with Litmos Training

epping forest district councilWorking with your community can be the most rewarding task and leave you with a sense of accomplishment for helping others. However, if your employees, volunteers, and service workers are not trained properly to work with the public, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. Epping Forest District Council is one of the many Litmos customers that is excelling in training their team to work with the community and we’re excited to share their story with you!

Who is Epping Forest District Council and who do they train?

Epping Forest District Council is a medium-sized, local authority in West Essex, bordering on greater London, UK. At Epping Forest, their mission is to work together to serve their community. They ensure that their customers are at the heart of everything they do and they “will focus on the things that matter the most to local people.”

With 580 employees plus 50 councilors, Epping Forest began using Litmos for their compliance eLearning including health and safety, GDPR, safeguarding, and more. Now, however, they use it for everything, including leadership development, personal development, customer service, volunteers, and instructor-led sessions. Additionally, they are in the process of building a councilor-specific portion of the LMS that will involve a learning needs assessment for what councilors require in their role, including an onboarding program for new councilors.

Why Litmos LMS?

In 2021, Epping Forest was experiencing training issues across the entire organization.

Compliance training was a real headache to keep track of and report on, but now this is much easier with Litmos LMS. Learning & Development activity was communicated over many different channels, meaning it was easy for employees to miss opportunities. We found it hard to get managers to be accountable for their team’s training completion. We also found it challenging to get employees involved in personal development. Now they love our ‘Skills of the Month’ and completing modules to gain badges. Our councilors wanted more access to learning, and now they will have this as a part of Litmos will be developed for them specifically. In L&D, we would have to get surveys developed for us, however now Litmos is so easy to set up Learning Needs Analysis and training program evaluations.”
~ Julie Dixon, Learning & Talent Business Partner, People Team

In addition to the LMS, Epping Forest also utilizes Litmos training courses. By utilizing the prebuilt, off-the-shelf content, they have saved many weeks per course that previously would have been spent gathering the content and building out the course.

With Litmos training content, “We have been able to open up personal development for all employees, and use the content to add to preexisting pathways,” states Dixon.

How is the eLearning project going?

Since implementing the Litmos LMS and training courses, Epping Forest has seen great improvement in their training processes. They currently experience almost 90% engagement and their compliance training completion rates have increased with Safeguarding compliance now at 94% and Health and Safety now at 80% compliance. When discussing training goals, Dixon notes that “our interest from the rest of the business to develop their own area learning paths has exceeded our initial target and our target to engage with councilors has been achieved.”

We’re so excited for the amazing progress that Epping Forest has made over the past year and can’t wait to see how they grow in the coming months and years.

Please see the full case study here.


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