Nonprofit Success Stories in the Season of Giving

nonprofit customer success storiesThis month, we’re celebrating nonprofit organizations because they’re needed more than ever – as we continue to experience an unusually difficult year. Also, as the US approaches Thanksgiving week, there’s another great reason to be in the spirit of giving thanks!

We applaud nonprofits’ commitment to making the world a better place and are so very humbled to showcase the fact that some of these selfless, tireless organizations are our very own customers. We’ve loved observing how they use technology and leverage their learning platforms to deliver services to people around the world enduring hardships.

From providing support and services for those living with debilitating illness, disability, and difficulties, to those who work tirelessly to ensure every member of society is seen, heard, and connected, these clients continue to put others first. They inspire people to find the strength needed to keep going and they keep advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

Cheers to Litmos Nonprofit Customers

The Litmos team has been inundated with stories of clients who have empowered their employees and volunteers, who have created content and programs that keep them connected, certified, and confident in their communities. We thank them for all that they do and wanted to share their wonderful stories with you all!

We can all contribute in small – and big – ways by volunteering, sharing our talents, or sharing a cause. But the missions and values of these non-profit organizations couldn’t actualize without the hard work of a talented team. As in any organization, when you find the right people for a team, who believe in their mission and values and have impeccable work ethic, it’s important to keep them happy and engaged. That’s where our clever clients have leveraged their learning programs.

The Alzheimer’s Society delivers comprehensive and compassionate care to patients across the UK

Becky Kimberley, Learning and Organisational Development Manager at Alzheimer’s Society, is pleased that they were able to continue training their staff in remote areas during the pandemic with the help of Litmos Training, even reaching some locations that are normally only accessible via boat.

The dream is that everyone has their own role-specific pathway and really knows what their learning is, and that it makes a difference for them, and that it makes them better at what they do.”

This remote learning helps to ensure that Alzheimer’s Society can support people with dementia that would have been otherwise impacted by the pandemic.

Becky believes that the Litmos Training platform helped their employees and volunteers to remain compliant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Safeguarding learning is so important, and Litmos played a central role in making sure that Alzheimer’s Society had suitable materials available.

Their Safeguarding Adult Children course, a legislative requirement in the UK, was previously a two-day course and they were able to roll this out as two shorter eLearning modules. These modules have been effective in terms of knowledge transfer and retention and have been averaging 50-60 completions a day, which is now their highest level of completed courses.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s Society and how they’re averaging more than 300 course completions every day with Litmos.

Disability Services Consulting empowers disability support workers across Australia with free eLearning modules

After 18 months of content development, Disability Services Consulting was in the fortunate position in February to have an infection prevention eLearning module for disability support workers ready to launch right as COVID-19 was starting to spread in Australia.

We decided to share this for free with the disability sector and were overwhelmed by the demand – with over 60,000 people taking the course, it was fantastic to have sign-ups and certificates automated by Litmos and to be able to give organisations visibility over their workers’ training.”

Good training in the disability sector is person-centered, meaning it pairs generalized skills training with advice on how to best support each specific person. With our latest subscription offering, we’re able to offer our customers the ability to create learning paths within Litmos that combine our training with their person and organization-specific content: support advice from individuals, policies and procedures or information about specific diagnoses or support approaches. And the reporting function of Litmos is perfect for audit time when organizations want to evidence all of this great training they’ve been doing.”
Evie Naufel, Manager of Online Training, DSC

Keep up the fantastic work, DSC! You can find out more about DSC and how they’re supporting organizations to succeed by reading the full success story here.

Lions Clubs International empowers volunteers to serve communities and meet humanitarian needs

Jon Montgomery, Division Manager, Leadership Development at Lions Clubs International states, “When this global pandemic hit the world, we responded. To support Lions who are safely serving their communities during this pandemic, more than $5.1 million in COVID-19 Frontline Relief Grants were awarded.”

Learning is essential for Lions who engage in humanitarian service; however, this pandemic has made in-person learning at times impossible. Powered by Litmos Training, the Lions Learning Center provides online-learning for all Lions members.

Jon continues, “Compared to last year, we have already tripled the number of online learners thus far, and the year is not even over. Online-learning has been vital to train this year’s leaders and keep Lions engaged so they may safely serve their communities around the world.”

You can find out more about how Lions Clubs International trains volunteers in more than 200 countries with Litmos Training here. We also welcome you to see how other nonprofits use online learning to engage volunteers remotely by reading the latest Litmos paper on nonprofits and how they meet their volunteer challenges.