Russell Mineral Equipment Grows Training Engagement with Litmos

RME increases training engagement with LitmosTraining is enjoying a well-deserved, heightened status in many organizations. It’s now well-researched, well-experienced, and as a result, confirmed that training is key to developing and maintaining a high-performing, future-ready workforce.

Here’s some real-world inspiration of how Litmos customer, Russell Mineral Equipment (RME), achieved increased engagement, maintaining 99% compliance and seeing people not only completing mandatory courses, but also signing up for learning to further their careers, whether via RME’s proprietary courses or via Litmos Training Content.

What Is Russell Mineral Equipment (RME)?

RME is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of grinding mill relining technologies and services. Since 1985, RME has made improving mineral concentrator performance its mission, through exceptional customer care, responsive OEM technical support, and state of the art, customized engineering solutions. In order to carry out this mission, they need to have the best training possible in place.

While searching for a new LMS four years ago, RME had the following goals in mind when it came to building out their new training program:

  • Develop and deploy internal business-specific courses that are needed by new staff and teams to drive effective knowledge-sharing across the business.
  • Drive sales effectiveness and sales excellence.
  • Provide technical education that is accessible by sales, engineering, and other areas within the business.
  • Develop learning pathways for roles within the business.
  • House new ERP courses and learning pathways.
  • Ensure compliance against current ISO Accreditation (competency and training).

How Did Litmos Help RME Meet These Goals?

With 493 users and growing, RME deploys courses in Chile, the United States, South Africa, Canada, and Panama with new entities in other countries expected to roll out in the next 3-5 years.

Learning & Development Advisor, Isabel Malferrari, says that Litmos has given her the ability to bring together course curators who normally would not be trainers and allow them to develop the courses for their teams themselves.

Something that would have taken us months and years to do — go around to each of the teams and develop their courses for them — they’ve actually been able to develop the courses themselves with our guidance and assistance.”

Since choosing Litmos Training, RME has seen a significant number of new RME-specific technical, technology, sales, and service-related courses now created within the system and accessed by their learners across the globe. They currently have more than 120 proprietary courses created and the Learning department cites that the uptake has been fantastic. For example, the RME Fabrication team maintains 99% compliance, and they are seeing even more users not only engaging in compliance and mandatory courses, but also signing up for courses they believe will help further their career, whether it be RME’s proprietary courses, or Litmos Training Content.

As Malferrari described:

We’ve seen an increase in demand for eLearning courses and online sessions accessible via our Litmos site even with a slowdown in international travel due to the pandemic. This slowdown and shift in working arrangements (i.e., people working from home) hasn’t affected our ability to run, deliver, and push out courses. This has been a game changer for us to replace the usual face-to-face, classroom sessions that once were our norm.”

Another important requirement for RME lies within their ability to pass their audits and maintain accreditations, which can be difficult as there are large amounts of data they need to access quickly at their fingertips. However, because of the way that Litmos Training allows RME to build learning paths based on area or job role, they were able to pass their audit with flying colors. While with the auditor, the learning and development team was able to easily pull reports on users’ licenses and requirements or their compliance training, which made all the difference for them.

As RME continues to grow and roll out training to new departments and regions, they remain committed to the ongoing learning, development, and competence of their people.