See You at HCM Excellence

groups of people walking at a large venueHow is it already the last full week of January 2023?!? Weren’t the holidays just yesterday?

But alas, as we can’t slow the calendar, we can accept the pace of modern, tech-fueled time and launch into this new year at full speed, starting with multiple events with Brandon Hall Group. If you’re West Palm Beach-bound next week for HCM Excellence, please join us in-person for a couple of very cool, high-energy happenings intending to set the tone for the rest of 2023. And/or take advantage of the virtual option for the January 31st podcast (details below).

We’re covering hot topics and front-of-mind issues for L&D people this year and we’d love your participation. Both in the scheduled session and our “live from the floor” podcast, we’re hoping to hear from you and interact in real time about what’s on your mind (e.g., How’s your budget looking? What eLearning technologies are on your must-have list? How much in-the-flesh ILT is coming back this year? What’s your number-one goal? What’s your number-one concern?). There’s too much to talk about — but we’re going to do our best to spark the important conversations and connect our corporate learning community.

  • 1/31/23 Conference Session with Litmos: Be sure to see the Mike Martin Show “It Doesn’t Matter What You Teach, if Nobody Remembers What You Said” on January 31 at 11:15 AM. Our Chief Learning Officer knows a thing or two about helping people retain information. Come prepared to take notes from an industry expert on how to help learners remember more than what they forget — or even better, remember almost everything in a course.
  • 1/31/23 Live from HCM Excellence: Take part in a unique opportunity to ask your most burning questions directly to some of the industry’s leading thinkers, live from the Litmos booth at 3PM (ET). Or join us online by signing up now. This is going to be a crowd-sourced discussion about the biggest subjects brought forth in the conference sessions, as well as off-the-cuff banter related to eLearning technology and tips to make the most of it this year.

Also, in case you  missed the Ask the Experts Webinar that we did with Brandon Hall Group on January 12, 2023, please watch the recording here.

Hope to see you soon!