Love Yourself: Personal Development Courses

love yourself with personal development coursesHere we are nearly halfway through February and facing the looming presence of another Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, but we have to mention it. Deep breaths. Stick with us.

Valentine’s Day (and the days and even weeks around it) can stir up a mix of emotions in all of us. Such as the following:

  • Panic! I need to buy something awesome for my partner! It needs to show how I feel and make me look thoughtful and lovely, and prove that I definitely listen when they’re talking.
  • Existential dread. Another year I haven’t found my perfect match. Way to remind me, card companies. So what? Maybe I’m just not the relationship type? If I bought a cat, would that be too clichė? Maybe I could get a snake – that’s more edgy.

We’re sure there are more emotions people feel, but we suspect those are the main two.

Here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re alone. It can make you feel a little left out. So, what can we do about that?

Luckily for you, we’ve got a really straightforward solution. And it’s got nothing to do with swiping through dating apps.

You may already be investing in yourself in some ways – your mental health, physical fitness, personal development, etc. But if you haven’t started because you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Pull up a seat because February 2021 is the absolute perfect time to begin.

eLearning Courses for Personal Development

At Litmos, we’re all about self-development. And we don’t mean that forced “where do you see yourself in five years?” interview-style self-development. We’re talking about how we change things for the better right now. Like, how can we handle conflict better? How can we let go of an unhealthy need for control? How do we keep calm under pressure? These are the meaningful skills that can change your thinking, challenge how you react to things, and generally help you to create a calmer, happier life.

Our happiness starts with us. If we can get the basics right and become balanced and healthy in our own minds, we create solid foundations. Once we have those – the rest is much easier to build on. And life becomes easier to handle.

Warren Buffett once said:

The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.”

And while I kind of wish I’d gotten to invest in some Apple stock back in the early 80s – the guy’s definitely onto something.

With this in mind, take some time to explore the Litmos Training Content library for tons of self-improvement resources. Look for collections such as Mindfulness, which contains titles like Keep Your Cool, Let Go of Control, The Benefits of Stoic Thinking, Be Grateful, and a load more – plus a super-helpful workbook with a number of great resources and tips. Also, take a look at the Personal Development collection with titles like Conflict Management, Managing Stress, Developing Resilience, and more.

Make this month – or year, if you feel like it – all about your own growth and development.