All the Small Things — Setting Wellbeing Goals for the New Year

smiling young woman drinking green smoothieAs we enter a new year, it’s natural that we take some time to do that thing that most of us are inclined to do every year — reflect on the past year and plan for a fresh start.

If a new year is for resolutions, then this first month of January can be dedicated to deciding what we want to set our sights on in the coming 11 months.

Some of my internal dialogue goes like this:

“Oops, another year gone by, and I didn’t learn to play the oboe again. In my defense, I was distracted by Married at First Sight Australia for a good chunk of 2022.”

“How is it 2023 and I still can’t pilot a plane? I’m sure this will be the year!”

Do these sentiments feel familiar? Maybe the oboe and plane-flying weren’t on your list, but other things important to you were. The issue is – these tasks can feel enormous. They take a lot of time, energy, and commitment. It can feel overwhelming just thinking about them — much less getting starting on tackling them. But did you ever consider that you could hit personal goals and feel far more successful in your life just by just implementing small habits?

Good habits are integral to your success. And they don’t need to be difficult. When you start with smaller, achievable things, you can not only boost your mindset and get in a more positive headspace by feeling a sense of daily accomplishment, you can also slowly but surely make long-term progress toward big things. Maybe you want to make time every week for that hobby you’ve neglected or commit to finishing work at a reasonable hour every day and then not check your emails until the next day.

These things are doable on a daily level, but the benefits will add up over time. They will eventually make you more successful and happier in your life — maybe not in the first few days of practice but cumulatively they have a very positive effect.

Why? Because adopting good habits and committing to them with repetition will put you on the right track to better wellbeing. And both mental and physical wellbeing breeds success — whatever success looks like to you — even with the smallest changes that you integrate into your regular routines.

We at Litmos would love to help you get started. We encourage you to look at this Health and Wellbeing Collection of courses for some quick tips and other inspiration to start the year off right. Good luck with your goals this year! We hope it’s a happy, healthy, prosperous one.