Sharing the Love of Learning

We’ve just passed Valentine’s Day 2021 – a notable marker for the halfway point in a short month, and this year is already picking up momentum. It’s shaping up to be a year of rebuilding and reenergizing (after whatever 2020 may have depleted).

All month, the Litmos blog has been dedicated to the topic of love for the usual ooey-gooey reasons related to V-day, but this year, we felt we needed to take the theme further. As our gift to our customers, prospects, followers, and fans, we wanted to give you reasons to not be too serious about your job or learning technology or anything else that may be stressing you out. This February, simply put – we offered a bit more love.

how to lose a learner in 10 days webinarThis came in the form of some humor and cleverness from our campaigns and social media genius, Gina, who has developed the uncanny ability to connect LMS features with romantic comedies in not just one post but two, both of which are worth a few minutes of your time to read, if you’re a fan of smiling. She also gets full cred for naming next week’s webinar, “How to Lose a Learner in 10 Days,” which you won’t want to miss! Please register now for the February 24th event.

And, if you’re anything like me after seeing all that great, creative content from Gina, you may begin to wonder if RomCom Swami is a natural-born gift or one that requires formal training and certification. Either way, she’s earned it.

This month, we also craved inspiring advice on rekindling the love of learning from our beloved guest blogger, A.J., and our hearts were warmed by the guidance to love yourself by doing personal development training, contributed by Jasmine from our Training Content team.

In short, we wanted to bring a little fun into your L&D world, which has been pressured to new levels of intensity as so many companies have made a swift pivot to 100 percent eLearning to accommodate large numbers of remote workers, many of whom were in need of rapid reskilling, not to mention new health, safety, and mental wellness training.

Love your job (it’s appreciated more than ever)
The love has been flowing and we hope it gave you an extra reason to love your job as a learning pro, especially now, as companies are finally beginning to realize the essential role of training in furthering the success of its people, partners, and profitability.

Your profession has always been aimed at developing the capabilities and contributions of employees, whether in the form of more engaging onboarding to compliance training that doesn’t bore people to tears, to skills training that develops lasting, satisfying careers. It may feel like a thankless job at times, but your training program affects how people meet performance goals, how the company avoids liability for failing to meet compliance requirements, how customers engage with products, and how the extended enterprise stays connected and committed. We extend a big, digital hug to you for being the type of person who works tirelessly to enable others to expand their abilities and professions.

love your learning infographicFor ideas on how you can rekindle the love for key aspects of your training program – your LMS, content, customers, and partners – have a look at this infographic. It’s a fun reminder of how learning technology, content, and training itself drives positive outcomes across the business.

Here’s to a reinvigorated year of sharing the love of learning!