New Survey on What Learners Like (& What Needs Improvement)

Do you know how happy your learners are with your eLearning program? It can be tough to tell from “inside the house,” unless you’re very scientific about surveying and collecting feedback.

The good news is that our friends at Training Industry are scientific about these things! In one of their recent surveys, they asked a cross-section of learners what they do and do not like about eLearning / on-demand training.

The results may not surprise you. Many L&D pros face similar challenges, regardless of industry, company size, and other factors. But that’s not really news to you either, is it? You talk to learners, not to mention read plenty of articles and research, attend industry conferences, and pay attention to new developments in learning technology.

As a result of all the work you do, you have at the very least a theoretical and/or anecdotal sense of what’s working and where you have gaps or weaknesses, and where your peers likely do as well. But, the real challenge isn’t just identifying those things; it’s knowing how to do more of what they like and less of what they don’t.

Get some answers to the “how” question

In this webinar with Training Industry, we discussed The Joy of Learning: Why On-Demand Training is the Key to Happy Learners. Your hosts, Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research at Training Industry, and I share insights from the aforementioned research study on what learners say about their eLearning experiences.

You’ll walk away with new inspiration on:

  • The multifaceted nature of how learners approach on-demand training
  • Why organizations should care about the eLearning experience
  • What a happy learner looks like in an on-demand world