5 Tips to Design Effective Training for Generation Y

yEvery generation responds to different stimuli and when you’re talking about a tech saavy group of people who have grown up with the internet, you know expectations are higher & traditional methods will not work.

So what does work?

Gen Y’ers were born between 1981 – 1995 so they are right in the thick of our workforce right now, fast working their way up the ranks. To engage their attention & build effective training, we have to understand what makes them tick.

Growing up with information at their finger tips has meant a shorter attention span; they want things done and they expect it to happen right away, anything else is boring! Oh and nothing is impossible to a Gen Y’er so don’t ever say something can’t be done.

Here are 5 things to consider about Gen Y before you choose an online training system or build your online training courses. Because let’s face it – it HAS to be online!!

  1. Keep training short & to the point. 
  2. Good communication tools within the training system are a must. Messaging at a minimum!
  3. Community is important. Build forums & discussion groups around topics. 
  4. No one likes to be told what to do, especially Gen Y. Make sure your training ‘guides’ thinking rather than telling them how it is.
  5. Incorporate the big picture. Generation Y are very interested in their part in it, and more importantly how they can change it!