Log into Litmos Using Your Google Account

How to use your Google account to log into Litmos

Do you use Gmail? Do you use Google Drive? YouTube? Any Google site? Then you already have a username and password you can use with Litmos.

Litmos allows you to use a Google login to sign into Litmos so there is no need to remember another username and password. Once this feature is enabled for your account, if the username of a Litmos user is also a username for Google, you are ready to go.

Log in with Google Sign On

Once the feature has been enabled for the account, users can begin logging into Litmos via the Log in with Google link at your Litmos login page so long as they have an active Google session and the email address for that Google session matches the username of the profile in Litmos.

Litmos google sign in

After the user selects the ‘Log in with Google’ button, they’ll select the Google account that they wish to log into, and the user will be logged into Litmos.

select a Google account to sign in to Litmos

If the username does not match a Google account, an error message will display. This will require that an administrator log into Litmos and update the user’s username so that it matches the email address for the Google account that is attempting to perform the sign in to Litmos.

Litmos sign in page

If the user has a Litmos profile and is logging into that Litmos profile for the very first time and using the Google Sign On feature, the user will be routed to the user profile/password creation page as with any new Litmos user.

Litmos Google sign on screen

If you would like to bypass the initial password creation page the very first time the user logs in, this can be done by enabling the “Skip First Login” option.

The “Skip First Login” option can be enabled if the users are either created via the bulk import process or via the API.

  • If you create the user via the API and you don’t want them to set their own password ever you need to add the<SkipFirstLogin>true</SkipFirstLogin> item to your create user request.
  • If you create the user via the bulk import process and “Skip First Login” box is checked in the last step prior to the upload, the users will not be prompted to verify their profile information and reset their password upon their first login.