Cloud-based LMS – 4 Reasons Why is it Important

cloud-based LMS

If you’ve decided that the use of a learning management system would greatly benefit your corporate eLearning program, then you’re probably wondering about the type of system you should purchase. There are several types of learning management systems on the market such as open-source, proprietary, and cloud-based. If you’re thinking about purchasing a cloud-based learning management system, then you may have read reviews about this type of system, but perhaps you’re still uncertain about why you should choose a cloud-based learning management system. Well, there are several reasons why a cloud-based system is a good choice for your company’s eLearning program which include the following:

1. No Need to Manage the Software


When you select a cloud-based learning management system, you do not have to install software onto your company’s hardware system. This eliminates the need to control your own server especially if you don’t have the IT expertise or the staff to handle such a big project. The software is managed for you by the learning management system provider. All that’s required of you is to log in, create your course content, and manage the distribution of your courses. Cloud-based systems also increase IT security. This is particularly useful if an unexpected security threat were to happen at your local place of business.


2. Streamlines Workflow Processes


If you have several tasks you would like to have completed from one source, a cloud-based learning management system is the best option. A cloud-based system has the ability to store documents and arrange data that can be easily created into Excel or PDF reports.


3. Mobile Capability


Some  of the better cloud-based learning management systems allow you and your learners to access the software from a variety of mobile devices. As a result, your workforce collaboration levels will also improve because of the ability to complete projects in a more efficient and timely manner. Some cloud-based systems also provide real-time reporting and access to documents.


4. Cost Effective


If you were to manage a learning management system through your own server it could become very expensive specifically with system upgrades and maintenance. However, a cloud-based learning management system is very affordable. The price for the use of a cloud-based system will cost a few hundred dollars per month, and service packages can accommodate a few hundred to a couple of thousands of users.
While these are just a few reasons why cloud-based learning management systems can enhance your eLearning program, you will be able to recognize many more advantages of its use when your workforce has produced your desired outcome. Start your free trial of the best cloud-based learning management system in the world.