2022 is All About Knowledge, Behaviors, and Skills, Skills, Skills

2022 is about learning skills2022 is off to a strange start. Beyond that, one other thing is for certain (at least there is one other thing): incredible agility is required in business – and frankly, everything else in life.

It’s been said (and proven) many times recently, but I’ll say it again: learning will be more critical than ever to companies, as they now realize how quickly things may need to change in the future. Most learned this the hard way in 2020-21, but even presently, as we face a skittish, perhaps-post pandemic economy and companies attempt to nurture and retain people who are forever altered by a traumatic period of time – training will be essential to not only turn the company on a dime but also to enable workers to do new or different jobs, to empower them to satisfy customers, and to feel fulfilled in their work.

Yes, everyone is tired of hearing about the effects of the pandemic on businesses. I know. Me, too. It’s getting exhausting, but hopefully we’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Yet even if and when we return to the new not-normal, ripple effects will remain. Not only did the pandemic create formerly unseen needs for companies (and thus, workers) to be agile, the aftereffects will continue to demand that people expand their knowledge, change certain behaviors, and reskill and/or upskill.

Let’s talk about strategies for L&D to lead the way.

L&D leaders are going to play a more central role in a company’s success than we’ve ever seen. We at Litmos offer you the technology and content to try to make this easier, but we also want you to feel strategically supported as you take on this new challenge. The good news is that lots of research has already been done regarding where learning orgs stand today and there are solid ideas for success on the table, which we’d like to share with you.

For insights on how to maximize your role this year, please watch this recorded webinar with Fosway Group and Litmos on Knowledge, Behaviors and Skills, Skills, Skills: How the Need for Greater Business Agility is Going to Change Learning in 2022. This session addresses why the need for greater business agility is going to change learning this year and potentially well beyond. In it, your hosts discuss how a new strategic focus will benefit your business and grow the influence of learning teams.

In this webinar, you get answers to questions such as:

  • Why business and personal agility matters?
  • What’s changing in organizations and HR to better enable agility?
  • How will developing knowledge, behaviors, and skills deliver success?
  • How L&D are evolving to drive agility and ramp up their strategic value?

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