2022 Lenny Award Winners & Customer Showcase

lenny awards winners 2022The 2022 Lenny Awards have come to a close and while we here at Litmos are bummed to see it come and go so quickly, we are beyond excited to celebrate our winners.

This year, we had 36 entries in seven categories. We want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy days to enter. All our entries were so great that most received at least one first place vote. I may be biased, but it just goes to show, Litmos has the BEST customers! There were nine entries, however, that racked up enough first place votes to become one of our 2022 winners.

For the first time ever, we hosted the Lenny Awards Customer Showcase where our winners had the opportunity to present to their use cases and training success stories. We want to share those successes with you. So, without further ado, here are your 2022 Lenny Awards Winners!

Best Customer Training Program:

AFG – Australian Finance Group

“We provide brokers with the most comprehensive Learning Management System in the industry. Learn provides brokers with unparalleled access to digital course learning content, updates, event videos, live webinars and custom-designed streams to fast-track their chosen development pathways. Course content ranges from platform-specific training and compliance best practices to team leadership, lender insight, business development and beyond.” – Peter Kailis, National Learning & Development Manager

At The Adviser Australian Broking Awards, AFG was recognized for its services to brokers by winning the Training and Education Program of the Year award in 2020 and 2021, as well as being a finalist in 2019 and 2022. “The implementation of our Litmos LMS was a key driver to our success and underpins our whole L&D program.” – Kailis

Learn more about the success of AFG.

Best Sales Training Program:

Tie between Arnold Clark and LimaCorporate

Arnold Clark

“Our challenge as the biggest privately owned dealership group in Europe is to make sure we are agile and can react quickly – our utilization of Litmos allows us to do that. And we still want the family feel to everything we do, and the content we produce reflects that. Litmos’s system then allows us to build and launch a course with ease.”- Louise Joyce, Group Sales Training Manager

Due to the implementation of the Litmos LMS, Arnold Clark’s travel costs and venue costs have reduced 80% during COVID and 35% since the business has reopened.


“Litmos allowed us to deliver training in a faster way that was flexible based on the needs of the salesperson and therefore relevant to the person receiving it. The training also had the great ability to be accessible from any device and from anywhere, which is very important for the sales force, which is often on traveling and therefore needs to be able to access it all the time and does not have the ability to sit at their desk, turn on their computer and search through a thousand files for the training they need.”- Davide Gugliuzzo, Junior Medical Education and Sales Training Specialist

Since implementing Litmos Training, LimaCorporate boasts +1340 active accounts from +35 different countries. The average number of courses assigned per user is 51 and +8000 courses have been assigned in 2022 so far (dated September 15th).

Best UI:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE became a customer of Litmos when they decided to develop a customer-facing learning-as-a-service subscription business. HPE Digital Learner was born shortly after, running on top of the Litmos solution.

HPE operates a number of key customer portals, each of which has strict rules expressed via the HPE Design System. They needed customers to be able to move between the HPE cloud administration platform and the HPE support platform seamlessly into the training platform without a jarring user experience.

“The primary ROI this year has come from our new user interface. It has allowed us to make the case for deeper integration with other HPE self-service platforms due to the seamless experience of moving into training hosted on Litmos. In conjunction with a shared IdP and deep linking process, we’ve now been able to deploy training actions directly from our customer success teams and add further training subscription options to premium support offerings. The UI refresh has been an integral part of gaining that buy-in and overarching ROI.” – Richard Kerridge, Strategist, Customer Education

Best Not For Profit Training Program:


“As an international not-for-profit trade association, we support all segments of the hardwood flooring industry – contractors, manufacturers, retail sales, and distribution. Our mission is to help our members succeed and grow in the competitive marketplace. Education is key to accomplishing this mission. The Litmos platform helps us address the diverse development and training needs of all of our members.”- Stephanie Owen, Vice President, Education

Since implementing Litmos, NWFA has demonstrated incredible metrics that show their growing value to members.

They have 12,479 active users, up from 2,750 in 2016. They also have 202,911 completed achievements since 2016. Additionally, their Sales Advisor Certifications have increased 59% since 2016.

Best Service Training Program:

ABM Aviation

“The introduction of Litmos training was not just a Learning Management System, But for us, a new and exciting way of life, and staff development built to help ABM, and others achieve eLearning success. With a large off-shelf training of 900 courses plus the ability to create our own course, I Excelled and learned directly from Litmos dojo to gain knowledge the employee engagement, and experience to take ABM to the new eLearning future”- Steve Laird, Learning & Development Manager

Laird states that incorporating leader boards, badges, and certificates provides his employees with a sense of recognition and achievement that motivates them to learn. This has been proven with 99.9% of all staff embracing and helping others achieve success.

Best Employee Training Program:

Tie between LaborMAX Staffing and Thrasio

LaborMAX Staffing

“Before we had Litmos, prior to May 2018, we literally had 1 training document that was delivered WITHOUT consistency and documentation. Litmos has been our only Learning Management System and has become one of our most valued tools across the organization. Every year, we are approached by 10 or more LMS and Content vendors and we always turn them down because Litmos continues to meet our training needs and exceed our expectations of a vendor.”- Sparrow Malvino, Learning and Development Program Manager

According to Malvino, “LaborMAX Staffing is an example of finding the right LMS and sticking with it for training. We are able to be ahead of the curve and our competition with limited resources. All of our internal employees use Litmos. In 2021, we had over 31,169 courses taken by 798 learners- that is an average of 39.06 taken by each employee with 39% of those being courses taken by choice for professional growth or personal improvement most of those are from the Litmos Content Library. As of 9.22.22, we have already had 30,035 courses taken this year by 725 internal employees averaging 41.43 courses taken by employee and are likely to hit our goal of 34,286 courses taken this year. Litmos allows our department and entire organization to thrive, grow, and succeed.”


“Thrasio transitioned from a conventional, subjective quality evaluation process to a modern, automation-technology enabled, artificial-intelligence powered customer experience (CX) platform in 2022. The transformation meant Thrasio moved from manually evaluating 3 percent of all interactions to now assessing 100 percent of all interactions. All evaluated results were processed near real-time, giving leaders and frontline employees almost immediate feedback.

The powerful technology resulted in significant changes in process and people. This is where Litmos was essential. Litmos powered Thrasio’s education and development of the frontline, management, and analysts to enable a smooth change management experience and remarkable, industry-leading results.”-Gershwin Exeter, Senior Director

Utilizing Litmos in such way has allowed Thrasio to achieve best-in-class CSAT results of 4.14 at launch, then trending to 4.34 within 4 months. According to Exeter, “the overall industry average is 2.50 with the retail vertical being 3.10, thus launching with a 4.14 score is remarkable.”

Best Partner Training Program:


“Our Partners are required to get training and certification on specific platform products before they are given customer projects for implementation. Previous to Litmos, our Partners had to go through a 2-step process in order to get certified. First, they had to pass an exam on Google forms. The exam was lightweight and not comprehensive. Once the partners passed the exam, they had to schedule a meeting (via multiple email correspondences) to conduct a virtual demo and answer some questions with the auditor. Partners were frustrated because they had to wait until an auditor was available, thereby delaying their ability to take on projects and start implementing customer solutions.”- Emilee Johnson, VP, Corporate Enablement & Global Sales Transformation

Since implementing Litmos, Celigo’s partners are now able to get immediate access to robust training material with comprehensive knowledge checks and checklists. Furthermore, the certification exams are now extremely robust, ensuring the Partners fully comprehend the product in detail, allowing both them and the customer to have a better implementation experience. Partners are able to get certifications at their own pace, in their own time zone, and can provide instant feedback on the materials presented. Additionally, the digital certifications and badges are immediately granted to the Partners and they can proudly post their new achievements. In the 2.5 years since the University launch, their users have achieved 9800 certifications and 90K courses with our partner base accounting for 39% and 30% of those total respectively.

According to Johnson, “In the first 18 months, we achieved an estimated $1.8M in savings by having a global on-demand learning platform, and coupling that with automation helped us remove an enormous about of tedious manual administrative work. “

To hear each of our winners discuss their training success and how Litmos has made a dramatic difference in their companies in more detail, check out the recording of our first-ever Lenny Awards Customer Showcase.

While that is all we have for this year, we can’t wait to see how much our amazing customers grow in 2023 in our next Lenny Awards Customer Showcase for our 6th annual Lenny Awards. Until then, if you have an Litmos journey that you are proud of and want to share, please reach out to kristin.simpson@litmos.com.