Create, Curate, Connect – The New Necessities of eLearning

The New Necessities of eLearningThe following paragraph(s) may be lost on some of our younger readers and will surely date me. But for those of us “of a certain age,” do you remember when business solutions were almost always notably worse than popular consumer apps?

It’s still somewhat true today and I have my occasional “how do these behemothic software companies get away with it” moments? It shouldn’t be this hard!?! Is user experience a thing?!? Can’t I just have “an Uber experience” with my business systems?!?

But I digress. And sound curmudgeonly. And admit that things have gotten better.

But I do remember when the idea of filing an expense report in the horribly clunky company system would cause you to enter full-blown procrastination mode for a week because it was such a dreaded, arduous process, involving paper scans and other irritations. Do you remember when the business email platform paled in comparison to your super-intuitive personal account and made you want to call people [gasp] because it was more efficient than trying to track conversation threads in that digital labyrinth? Remember when “eLearning” meant clicking through 35 slides that looked like they were built by a humorless elementary school teacher whose preferred communication method remained chalkboard?

Apologies if any of those scenarios just triggered you.

We’ve been through a whirlwind of tech development in the past twenty-ish years and while fast-paced and exciting, some of it was (on the business-to-business side), shall we say, awkward. I mean: huge, over-priced, convoluted systems implementations; over-wrought integrations that actually made work harder; difficult-to-use “collaboration” tools that did anything but enable collaboration.

I’ve sufficiently beaten this dead horse.

The point is that we’ve all grown accustomed to business-to-consumer (B2C) technologies that wait at our fingertips for easy, immediate interaction. We love our apps and sites because they’re smart; they know what we want before we know what we want. They serve up content like magical mind readers.

And again [last twitch from this proverbial horse], business-to-business (B2B) solutions have tended to lag behind – being less intuitive, less attractive, less fun.

From the Good News Department:
eLearning like a Beacon on the Hill

Corporate eLearning technology is catching up. It has tapped into the B2C mindset. It’s getting cooler, more capable, more intelligent.

Now you can use a single LMS to centralize and manage all of your training efforts and programs without even the need for third-party authoring tools, and without concerns about manually moving learning content between systems and updating multiple solutions.

Now you can buy engaging, off-the-shelf learning content in areas that aren’t proprietary to your organization – things like compliance training, DE&I, soft skills, health and safety, management training, and lots of other topics that shouldn’t occupy your time to make because they’re universally applicable.

Now your learners can enter a good-looking, easy-to-navigate environment that feels like clicking through their favorite music app or streaming service. Courses can be served up to them like songs and movies – and the stuff that matters to them will not only not be hard to find, it will be presented on a digital silver platter.

In other words, your eLearning solution today can keep pace with people’s expectations for B2C technology experiences – those that deliver what’s sought before it’s even searched for, those that match content to preferences and past behaviors, those that know us better than we know ourselves.

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