Final Frightful Friday: You’re Doomed, L&D Monsters

l&d monsters infographicFor the entire month of October, we’ve had great fun posting some freaky L&D Monsters on our social channels. But alas, it’s time we close the coffin lid, say goodnight to October, and look ahead to the final two months of 2021; (wow, it went fast).

Before these ghouls and goblins depart to the netherworld, here’s one last chance to grab the infographic forever carving them in stone (ok, digital ink, but you get the idea). In it, you’ll find ideas on how to catalog the creatures that threaten your success and banish these L&D monsters for good!

In the Mood to Get Spooky? Get the L&D Monsters InfoGraphic.
This infographic shows all eight, super scary creatures that can torment even the strongest learning programs. Get to know these most notorious L&D monsters to defeat them once and for all.

  • Frankenwhine – This monstrosity complains until its victims run and hide.
  • The Checkbox Zombie – This zoned-out creature seeks compliance at all costs.
  • The Content Mummy – If your content is downright ancient, you’ve sighted the mummy.
  • The WHEREwolf – It takes form when learners struggle to find courses in the LMS.
  • The List Ghost – You’ve seen this apparition in upload lists but is The Ghost really there?
  • The Jack-o-learnin’ – You’ve heard of a Jack-of-all-trades. This Jack is similar but scarier.
  • The Culture Vampire – This ghoul can suck the energy out of any learning culture.
  • The Wicked Witch of the Test – She’ll swoop in and trick you into creating ineffective tests.

Happy Halloween!!!