6 Ways to Increase Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness With LMS

fist-bumpNo matter the industry, well-trained and professional salespeople inspire consumers to buy. They know how vital it is to guide customers smoothly through the sales cycle, but given the pace of change in most businesses, they sometimes lack the latest know-how to get the job done.

Also, all too often, on-boarding for new hires isn’t nearly enough education to set people up for success. Salespeople are thrown into the job and may have to survive on their own resourcefulness, in addition to informal and experiential learning as they go.

There’s definitely an easier way!

For most companies today, a learning management solution (LMS) is the answer to keeping sales (and all other job functions) up to speed on the latest products, services, compliance regulations, and company policies and updates. Especially for salespeople, who tend to be outgoing and ambitious, even a little bit of the right training can provide the added expertise they need to help lead customers to purchase decisions in a positive way, with no pressure needed. This type of training can increase your sales, inspire your sales professionals, delight your customers, and keep your business humming.

What are some of the benefits of an awesome LMS? There are far more than these, but let’s take a look at six good ones:

1. Innovations that Inspire

Today, LMS offers more compelling training than ever before. Using lots of technical advancements, such as video content and integrated gamification, keeps learners engaged. Making everything mobile is also a must. For outside salespeople and millennials in particular, you can’t expect them to embrace courses that tie them to a desk. Set your salespeople free and keep them energized by providing training that leverages some cool and fun innovations.

2. On-the-mark Messaging

Multiple facilitators in different locations around the country or even around town can certainly train your sales staff, but how consistent will the messaging be? Using LMS training online builds a consistent voice and messaging for the entire organization, which helps with the company’s branding as well. Consistency increases the quality of the customer experience and builds a positive business reputation at the same time.

3. Ongoing & On-demand

New product offerings can be a challenge without adequate knowledge about them. Your sales professionals need to learn all they can about them to be able to sell effectively. Using an digital learning platform puts the information at their fingertips instantly — and allows them to access it from a PC, a tablet, or smartphone. All that’s needed is a good internet connection to view content and videos. You might even set up gaming simulations and let them compete against one another for an added measure of fun. The key is keeping things interesting while teaching the features and benefits of new products.

4. Minimal Disruption

Rather than being away at a seminar learning sales techniques during the day and checking out the town at night, your sales pros are in the office. By tuning into a digital learning solution that makes great use of their time, they are able to be more productive and not upset their desired work-life balance with unnecessary travel. Online learning keeps your sales staff on the job and can be built into their work schedules on a regular basis. It’s a win-win for the company too, when you consider how much money is saved on travel and related expenses.

5. Bursts of Knowledge That Stick

Even though seminars and classroom courses have been the standard learning choices for many years and for most businesses, studies show that people typically learn much better when exposed to short, regular blasts of knowledge. For this reason, micro-learning modules can be crafted for concise delivery of educational tidbits according to your own personalized plan of attack. After all, people learn and retain things better when they are not bombarded with hundreds or thousands of new ideas and facts at once. And, to point to a [perhaps unfair] stereotype, salespeople are generally not known for their long, concentrated attention spans.

6. Collaboration that Motivates

The best digital learning solutions take advantage of connections to social media and built-in review tools that are available on the same devices where your team members are getting their LMS courses and programs. This encourages discussion and information sharing among colleagues and directly to consumers, which can help extend the learning experience and build a cohesive team.


Are you ready for greater success from your sales team? Effective training for sales team members will give them an edge over the competition. Talk to us whenever you’re ready about solutions for your industry and specific learning needs; the platform has more than 4 million users sprinkled among businesses of all sizes and types.