Be Still My Heart: The Most Loved Litmos Courses of 2023

So, it’s another year and you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. Don’t despair! Self-care is in these days, so why not spend this V-Day looking after and improving yourself with some new online courses?

Okay, so maybe you can find better ways to spend your day, but if you’re reading this, I’m guessing – like us here at Litmos – eLearning could be your love language. If that’s the case, then we think you’ll love this list of our most beloved training courses of 2023.

Courses and topics that Litmos customers loved in 2023:

1. Preventing discrimination and harassment

We aren’t lovers of discrimination or harassment, and it seems our customers aren’t fans either. Understanding and respecting boundaries in the workplace is clearly very important to our customers. In fact, more than 44,000 US-based learners completed our Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment course in 2023. We love to see it!

2. Providing a safe and healthy workplace

There’s a lot to love about workplace safety, according to our 2023 participation stats. It looks like Manual Handling, Fire Safety Awareness, and Introduction to Working Safely had over 87,000 completions by Litmos users. There’s nothing hotter than knowing what to do if a fire breaks out at work. However, we REALLY don’t recommend burning your bagel in the office toaster to meet a fire fighter, since that’s a pretty expensive first date…

3. Communicating effectively

Have you ever poured your heart out to someone, just to get interrupted in the middle of your sentence? Or perhaps you’ve had a date and they just looked like they weren’t listening at all. That’s when you might be asking for the check or faking an emergency text to get out of there!

We’re guessing that’s why our Communicating Effectively and Active Listening courses were so popular in 2023. With more than 16,000 Litmos users completing these courses, it’s clear that effective communication is a top priority for our learners. We’re assuming that users participated in these courses to strengthen their workplace relationships, but it can’t hurt to brush up on these soft skills for non-work relationships, too!

4. Being safe online and protecting data

Maybe cupid’s arrow struck you in the virtual world. There’s no judgement here. But the internet can still be a scary place. That’s why taking cybersecurity training is so important. It makes sense then that Understanding Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity – Staying Safe Online are our other top courses of 2023. After all, staying vigilant and learning to identifying cyber-attacks is critical for keeping your workplace safe. And it doesn’t hurt that these skills could help you flag scammers on the dating apps, too.

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself online, learning to correctly lift all those chocolates you’re going to buy yourself, or mastering the art of communication, you’ll find a Litmos course that matches your interests. After all, there are plenty of eLearning fish in the sea. Why not be picky about your online learning?