Customer Spotlight: Sleep in Heavenly Peace is on a Mission to End Childhood “Bedlessness”

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is an inspiring organization with a simple yet powerful mission: to make sure every child has a bed to sleep in. With the help of the Litmos platform, SHP is now able to quickly and easily create custom training courses with the Litmos Content Authoring Tools (CAT) and equip their chapter presidents with just-in-time resources that complement and bolster the onboarding process. This blog explores what SHP has achieved by using Litmos learning tools, and what they plan on doing next! To dive deeper into this customer success story, read the full case study here.

Who is Sleep in Heavenly Peace?

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is a non-profit organization with over 300 chapters in 46 U.S. states, plus additional chapters in Canada, the Bahamas and Bermuda. SHP believes that a bed is essential for promoting proper physical health, mental well-being, and a higher quality of life by ensuring restorative and restful sleep. It is estimated that 3% of the population between the ages of 3 and 17 do not sleep in a proper bed they can call their own. SHP and all its volunteers have taken the initiative to end child “bedlessness.”

SHP Chapters raise funds and then hold volunteer “Build Days” to cut, sand, stain and build all the bed components. Once built, chapters receive requests from families in their specific community and deliver and assemble the bed(s) in the home and outfit them with the proper bedding, mattresses, and pillows for a good night’s sleep.

Supporting the goal and mission of ending child “bedlessness,” volunteers roll up their sleeves and do something that directly impacts the kids in their community.

Why Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chose Litmos as a learning solution

To ensure their Chapter Presidents were properly equipped to tackle SHP’s impactful mission, the organization leveraged the Litmos platform to create just-in-time courses and custom learning paths that reinforced the training materials presented during the onboarding process.

SHP’s Chapter Growth Manager, Brian Scheibach noticed that the organization’s previous Learning Management System (LMS) did not provide an easy way for SHP to assess what was learned at the end of a course. So, the organization stopped using that LMS, opting to onboard using a 2-day in-person training for new Chapter Presidents. However, with 300+ chapters and 6-8 core team members per chapter, SHP knew it needed to drive learner retention beyond these in-person trainings. They were looking to adopt a solution that they could set up quickly, to get their teams up to speed. That’s when Litmos came into play.

“We looked at many online learning platforms, but really felt the feature set along with the onboarding process and resources provided by Litmos would be what we needed to stand up our online learning in the shortest time possible” notes Scheibach.

Making an impact with the Litmos Content Authoring Tool

SHP has been able to make an incredible impact with the help of Litmos’ Content Authoring Tool (CAT). This tool allowed SHP to quickly create courses tailored to their employees and build their entire training program from inside the Litmos Learning Management System (LMS). Since adopting Litmos as a learning solution, over 250 SHP employees have completed trainings and 829 courses have been completed in the LMS.

Scheibach notes that a key reason for choosing Litmos was its authoring capabilities. As a not-for-profit with a tight budget, SHP wanted to avoid purchasing additional software for course creation. Finding an LMS with a built-in content authoring tool was a top concern, and having the ability to create their own SCORM courses from within the Litmos platform has indeed made a critical difference in their training strategy. In fact, every course that SHP has built out has been with the Litmos CAT.

Learning to build custom training courses may sound daunting, but the SHP team found the help they needed within the Litmos Customer Learning Center (“Dojo”). This resource gave them access to pre-built templates, allowing them to quickly go live with their custom SCORM content in under 90 days!

Improving onboarding with custom learning paths and just-in-time Training

SHP is using the Litmos platform to bolster their initial 2-day in-person trainings through personalized learning paths and just-in-time courses. Litmos’ user-friendly interface allowed SHP to rapidly accelerate their onboarding process, as well as manage instructional materials for all chapters.

Describing how his organization transformed its onboarding process with Litmos, Scheibach explains, “We start with face-to-face instruction, but then new Chapters can go back to their community and additional team members use the Litmos’ just-in-time instruction to bolster their understanding and/or learn additional skills, processes, and procedures. We created a required learning path that we assign to new chapter presidents and have assessments at the end of each course that must be passed with 80% or better before they can really get going.”

Overall, utilizing Litmos has enabled SHP to provide efficient training programs that are designed for their teams’ needs – helping them get that much closer to achieving their mission of ending child “bedlessness.”

What’s next for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and Litmos?

As they look to the new year, SHP plans to continue course and learning path development for various roles in the organization such as finance, fundraising, donor relations, build managers, and more! SHP also intends to use Litmos to build a compliance program. In addition, SHP will take advantage of the Litmos Salesforce integration so that user assignments can be automated and their training procedures can become more efficient. With these tools at their disposal, SHP will be well-equipped to continue its mission of ending child “bedlessness.”

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