It’s Spooky Season: Watch Out for These Learning Monsters

L&D monstersWhat’s that noise? Don’t open that door! There could be a learning monster on the other side!

It’s Spooky Season, and that means monsters are everywhere, even in your Learning & Development (L&D) program. But don’t hide under the bed. Litmos is calling upon you to do battle with the terrifying creatures who haunt your enterprise learning.

If you have some free time in these days leading up to Halloween, get into the spirit of the season and learn to fight those monsters with this webinar: L&D Monsters: The Most Fearful Frights in Training, available now on-demand.

Our expert slayers will help you face your biggest fears in workforce training and defend against some of the most terrible creatures that threaten your learners’ and your success.

A bestiary of training terrors

What monsters lurk in your organization and are you ready to face the following foes?

  • Frankenwhine: Never happy with anything, Frankenwhine complains about all the learning your L&D staff painstakingly put together. And speaking of stakes, our next monster is…
  • The Culture Vampire: This vampire lives on something far more horrifying than blood. It sucks the energy out of your organization’s learning culture, suggesting that maybe learning isn’t that important.
  • The WHEREwolf: Can’t find your learning? Learners giving up because they can’t find their modules? A werewolf has been rampaging through your LMS, and it’s time to stop that beast.
  • The Content Mummy: How old is your content? Is it… ancient? If so, you may have incurred the wrath of the content mummy.
  • And four more monsters that you have to watch the webinar to meet. And/or download this infographic to see the full cast of characters – all 12 in their hideous glory.

Learn to battle these monsters

Watch the webinar for the lore, skills, and practical magic you need to defeat these monsters and bring them back to the learning light. You’ll learn how to combat disinterest with engagement, reform negative energy with inclusive content and methodologies, and revive ancient, cursed learning with fresh content.

Join our army of heroes and monster slayers, sworn to bring excellent workforce learning to the world. Watch it now!