Not Another “Future of Leadership” Blog

future of leadership coursesWith a title like that, you sort of know what to expect, right? I’ll talk about the post-pandemic roadmap for the corporate landscape, and how business and leadership has changed to become virtual or hybrid. Information workers are mostly working from home with some slow return to offices under strict health protocols; we’re likely digitally fatigued, and now needing to come to terms with the “new normal.” Plus, the Great Resignation may have permanently changed workers’ attitudes and employee retention approaches across the global workforce.

Ok, those were enough buzzwords for one article.

Here at Litmos Training Content, we’ve been working hard on creating a brand new suite of courses with a focus on millennial and Gen Z employees who are tackling management and leadership responsibilities for the first time. The idea behind this flagship series was to open a conversation about real workplace issues, to start a meaningful debate, and to draw attention to what managers and workers across generations face today and in the near future.

Before anyone takes offense – we’re not saying that everyone fits into a neat description according to the year they were born. People are clearly more complex than those types of easy stereotypes. However, it’s an important topic to confront, especially when there are so many false narratives about millennials – how they expect participation trophies, are hypersensitive, are overly self-focused, etc. The same holds true with unfair depictions of Zers as tech-addicted and anti-social IRL.

We feel the above assumptions need to be addressed.

So we addressed it in the only way we know how: head-on – with the next generation of learning content!

Celebrating a Multi-generational, Virtually-connected Workforce

millennial managers webinar

Let’s consider multi-generational management and how having four or five generations spanning a 50 year age bracket are expected to learn, develop, and lead organizations in the same tried and tested ways. This is not a realistic concept. So instead of adopting a hierarchical, top-down approach to leadership, we need to learn about who we have in our teams, appreciate what they bring, and maximize their talents to create unique, well-thought-through products and strategies – using a mixture of experience levels, innovation, and pragmatism.

Ensuring we don’t ignore that the world has in fact changed dramatically since 2019, a more virtually connected workforce means we are breaking down barriers on a global scale. Time zones may just be a human-made concept, but cultural differences and how these play out at work are very real and integral to the success of anyone in leadership. We address these nuances across our Global Citizen Mindset and You, Me & Privilege courses, where we assume that everything starts with mindset, and to be a successful leader in a digitally saturated world, you must approach the unknown with curiosity and willingness to adapt – all whilst being conscious of your own biases and how identifying them can accelerate your success and that of those around you.

The 15 new Litmos Training Content courses create the nucleus of leadership development, spotlighting privilege, ally-ship, age stereotypes, personality differences, and challenging your mindset. We discuss uncomfortable topics which are at the forefront of modern society, help you understand their constructs and break them down, so that you can navigate future management and leadership with confidence.

The courses in the new Leadership Collection include:

  • You, Me and Privilege
  • Impostor Syndrome in New Managers
  • Trust Building & Empathy
  • The Accidental Manager
  • People-centric Leadership with Digitalization
  • Reimagining Leadership – The Future of Leadership
  • Multiplier Mindset
  • Groupthink versus Visionary
  • Global Citizen Mindset
  • Multigenerational Management
  • Futureproof your Leadership through Innovation
  • Peer to Leader
  • Strategy & Pragmatism in Leadership
  • Tech Literacy – Leading in the Digital Age

All courses are available to Litmos Training Content clients from November 2021. And, if you’re interested in these topics, please join members of my team and me for a lively panel discussion, Millennial Managers, A New Era of Leadership, on November 16th. Please see further details on the registration page.