How to Spend Less Training Your Franchisees

train franchisees

As a franchisor you want your franchisees to be successful. You need to empower them. They need to know your vision and all the practical details required to execute that vision in their franchise. You know the old saying, “knowledge is power.” That means training is a critical part of executing your franchise vision and empowering franchisees.

You already have an operations manual. And you might think that manual is enough. While it has everything a franchisee would possibly need, it’s not a training document. The operations manual is a reference document that is great to have at hand when questions arise. But there are better ways to empower franchisees with knowledge. And that’s where a learning management system comes in.

As the franchisor, you want to know who and, more importantly, who has not taken your training courses. A learning management system can give you quick and easy access to those reports. You’ll also want the flexibility to assign courses to your franchisees. Some regions may require specialized training. Instead of pushing training to everyone, you need an LMS that allows you to decide who needs to take training based on criteria you define. And with the massive growth of mobile devices you need a system that can deliver your training content to any device. This empowers your franchisees by making training available to them any time, any where, and on any device.

Why Choose a SaaS LMS Like Litmos?

You need an LMS with a solid track record working with franchise business entrepreneurs. Zumba, Real Mex Restaurants, and Cellairis are great examples of the Litmos platform at the foundation of global training and development within a franchise. Cellairis uses Litmos to deliver the Cellairis University training program to franchise stores:

“When it comes to our franchises, there are so many unique users and locations,” states Blake Mohler, Franchise Training and Development Manager. “The hierarchies within Litmos are a lifesaver for us, making it easy to deliver training to specific people depending on their store and their specific role.”

After evaluating elearning LMS vendors, Real Mex restaurants chose Litmos LMS and created an online university, ‘Real Mex University’, for providing a single online training center for its employees and franchisees. And Zumba used Litmos to seamlessly globalize its continuing education programs for fitness instructors worldwide.

Just few of the many reasons why the Litmos LMS is right for you and your franchise business:

  • One of the best part of SaaS based systems is no infrastructure costs.
  • Up and running in hours, not months.
  • Moving your training online also reduces, or eliminates, expensive travel costs for classroom training events.
  • As you grow Litmos grows with you.
  • Automated communication keeps everyone updated with notifications.
  • Document storage for your operations manuals, and any other documents.
  • Deliver training to mobile devices.

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