Online Learning Perfect for Technology Providers

Many technology solutions providers have a pretty small number of staff working in-house compared to the actual number of resellers and end users for their products. Plus, most technology products once delivered to resellers or end users, require some amount of product sales training. This is when an online training solution makes perfect sense. Being able to offer the training system online works in seamlessly with the ethos of the technology industry.

For example, we have a technology solutions provider with just over 100 staff on-site in the head office, but over 140,000 end users globally. With such a large re-seller network it’s very important for them to ensure that each person involved in the sales process knows the right information and can therefore offer a consistent level of service when it comes to representing their technology products. In the past this was a very time-consuming and expensive process for them involving multiple trainers flying to the various global locations upon the launch of a new product, to get everyone together in groups so that they were all up-to-date on the new product.

This has not been a sustainable way to run product sales training for a while now. But having a centralized portal where everyone that handles the sales of your products can go and gain instant access to the latest product specs, advertising material, step-by-step guides and more, is very smart. Think about it, when you are developing and selling cutting technology products to make people’s lives easier, don’t you want to deliver training with the same benefit in mind?

If you already have a Learning Management System (LMS) but it’s no longer working out for your specific needs, think about making the switch to a new system. There’s a post on this topic here.