Litmos With No Limitations – Litmos on the iPad

In August, we went away with having a separate Litmos ‘View’ for the iPad. This means that when you access Litmos via your iPad, you will get the full desktop version of Litmos. Before we made this change, when viewing Litmos on an iPad you would get a scaled down version, which had its limitations as it was a basic learner view only! This made it easy for learners to quickly navigate through Litmos but made it difficult for Administrators to manage their learning away from the office.

You will now experience a more robust and complete experience of Litmos and learning while on the go giving you more features than ever before. Some of the new tasks you can now do on the iPad:

Admin view for Administrators

  • Custom branding to maintain the custom look and feel from your desktop version
  • Create and download all reports
  • Upload videos, Scorm and documents using HTML5
  • Manage and create Instructor Lead Training modules including taking roll during a session
  • Assign and unassign courses and teams to users
  • Create, edit, delete users
  • Update account settings including theme, billing information, and ecommerce features
  • Send and manage messages to users

Learner view

  • Send and manage messages
  • View achievements and download certificates
  • Update profile information
  • Upload a profile picture taken with your iPad
  • Videos open within Litmos instead of in a separate player as they did before

For Android users, the mobile version (or view) of Litmos will still use the default view you will get when you access Litmos via Chrome or Firefox, but you can use a full desktop browser, such as Puffin, with Litmos to get the full desktop experience and use many of the features listed above. This is a simple workaround that can make a huge difference in user experience and functionality on the go.