How Can a Learning Management System Benefit Your Company?

The combination of new hires, current employees, and veteran executives are the driving success of any company. This means that all new information must be seamlessly distributed throughout the various departments of the organization. If there is no process in place to keep individual employees accountable for necessary training about company policies or products they deal with on a daily basis, then you cannot expect employees to perform at their optimum potential. A Learning Management System (LMS) solves this issue with flying colors.

Value of Training & Development

The value of training and development acts as a transitional phase from a new hire to a working, contributing employee as well as keeping current employees up to date.  I have had experience from past employers who had disorganized training in the forms of paper handouts to online PowerPoint presentations to emailed documents.  Not only was the required training in multiple locations, but it also did not hold me accountable. PowerPoints and videos could be skipped and fast forwarded, while answers to quizzes could easily be accessed during the assessment period. As a result, I was unprepared for when the time came to assume my role in the company.  When I first started with Litmos I could immediately see the value in automating all training processes into an all in one solution. 

Benefits of a Learning Management System

A Learning Management System, and more specifically Litmos, can perform robust analytics and reporting to track the progress of individuals. This keeps all employees accountable, while giving the administrator the opportunity to sufficiently monitor his or her “flock.” Stricter parameters including the ability to lock modules to be viewed in order and giving assessments that must be pasted before they proceed will not only force the individual to sit through the entire training session, but it will also lead to a higher chance the individual absorbs more of the pertinent information. Accountability in addition to clearly- defined training processes within a company are instrumental in driving a profitable, successful organization.