Did You Miss it? Blogs and L&D Conversations


Everyone gets busy and the fire hose of information from the internet can be overwhelming. Just in case you missed something from Litmos.com last week, here is a quick overview.

Blog Posts

Step-by-step Storyline Guide: How to Limit Progress within a Narrated eLearning Course

This is a guest post by Ant Pugh from the UK. Here is what you’ll learn:

“Creating e-learning with accompanying voice-over is something we are seeing more and more frequently with our clients, especially when delivering compliance training. In this article, I will outline a simple step-by-step process for building a slide in Articulate Storyline that forces the learner to listen to the audio on the first visit but provides free navigation if they are revisiting the slide.”

How to Improve Learning Retention by Over 300% – Hint: Don’t Bore Me!

After attending Phoenix Startup Week I discovered a small company actually applying the science of learning in their learning product. By using images and mnemonics they created an impressive learning application that helps medical students master the volumes of information they are required to memorize. They’ve also expanded beyond medical content into other domains as they’ve grown. Take a look at picmonic.com. You may find that you can use the same design philosophy to some of your training.

Free Your Training Content From the Chains of SCORM

In this blog post I highlight the nature of our industry to “package” media content. And that SCORM has become the standard package for eLearning. However, I wanted to get everyone in training, learning, and development to realize that the internet already has successful content formats that should be mastered by professionals in our industry.

L&D Talks – (aka @bschlenker office hours)

Every day, at some point between 8am and 9am mountain time, I start a conversation in blab.im. It’s been an interesting experience and gives me a glimpse of what the future of learning might look like. We’ve discussed a lot of issues in L&D Talks including VR, AR, video, mobile apps, training design, and a lot more. You can watch the recordings at my blab profile page.

We recently discussed an iPhone app called Anchor. If you’re interested in following me in that app we can start a conversation about how we might use it in a learning/teaching context. And of course you can also learn more about streaming video by following me on Periscope.tv.

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