Beyond Buzzwords: Brand New Insights on Modern Learning

At Litmos, thinking “beyond buzzwords” has been a favorite subject of ours for awhile now. It’s our way of reminding ourselves and our community to focus on “what’s really happening out there,” rather than fixating on the latest shiny object in the L&D world.  We’d retire the topic if we could, but it just seems to stay fresh as new buzzwords and trends emerge, and as new realities of modern learning need to be clarified and addressed.

In a recent webinar, we brought some fresh insights to the topic as Mike Martin, Head of Customer Experience and Training, Josh Barton, Instructional Media and Digital Content Designer, and Gabe Vasquez, Technical Account Manager, explored new ways to examine current beliefs about training and the practices that stem from them. These learning gurus discussed attributes and expectations of learners, and how three key pillars of modern learning supports their needs. WATCH THE RECORDED WEBINAR 

Sustaining Training at the Highest Levels, Even in Tough Times

It’s fun to be on-trend with the latest learning terms during virtual happy hours with your L&D colleagues and peers, but you have real responsibilities, especially now, as most companies have pivoted to all-online learning programs. You need to utilize the real-world modalities, methods, and technologies that can support this unprecedented age of learning, regardless of what you call them.

At the end of the day, you still need to show that your efforts drive outcomes. A global pandemic didn’t excuse you from connecting eLearning to results like better employee performance, more consistent customer success, a strong learning culture, and reduced risks for the company. The goals of the business may have shifted a bit in 2020, but expectations for L&D haven’t shrunk and in fact, have grown (with more eyes on training than ever before).

how to simplify modern learning

Beyond Buzzwords:
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In preparation for the webinar or if you can’t join us but want to know what we’re talking about, please take a look at this paper: Beyond Buzzwords: A Three-step Guide to Simplify Modern Learning.

It shares advice on how to simplify and modernize learning to achieve the outcomes that matter. There’s never been a more critical time to focus on what works, cut through the clutter, and provide the learning programs your entire organization is now looking to you to deliver. It’s an exciting opportunity to rise to the challenge and keep people connected, learning, and moving forward, even during challenging times.