New L&D Etiquette Guide: Sir Lennington’s Handbook of Manners

It is our pleasure at Litmos to present a newly released handbook of learning and development etiquette, and an even greater pleasure to introduce you to the mastermind behind this essential guide, Sir Lennington himself.

He has carved off a slice of his very precious time to pen to you this letter:

Dear Reader of the Litmos Blog,

By the very nature of your interest in this fine blog, I applaud your inherent sense of taste and your clear intellectual esteem. You are precisely the type of individual who shall delight in my latest contribution to the literary world: Sir Lennington’s Handbook of L&D Etiquette & Manners.

This carefully written and beautifully illustrated tome outlines two separate sets of etiquette – one for those who practice learning and development as a profession and another for those for whom assignments of learning have been set forth.

Both sections may be read in their entirety or taken in smaller doses, absorbing perhaps only a rule or two a day, if one wishes to modestly practice a single manner before advancing to another. It may be expected that you return to restudy the rules repeatedly, as it will take some allotment of time before committing each to memory and fully incorporating them into your daily disposition and deportment.

I do encourage you to peruse this useful guidebook, as it may serve to elevate your expectations in the realm of learning and perhaps even uplift your spirit as you pursue your career with renewed vigor.

Yours in courtesy,

Sir Lennington
Chief Minister, Department of Etiquette


etiquette ebookSir Lennington’s Handbook of L&D Etiquette & Manners’ contents include:

  • Etiquette rules for purveyors of Learning & Development programs, including:
    • Implement in a Timely Fashion
    • Intermingle with Worthy Wares
    • Dare Not Overindulge in Design
    • And many more…
  • Etiquette rules for learners in the polite society of a business, including:
    • Game Heartily but Humbly
    • Consume in Modest Quantities
    • Comply with Utmost Courtesy
    • And many more…