Create a Course in Under 12 Minutes

When an authoring tool has a name like Rapid Intake, creating a course has got to be fast and easy.  So I decided to give it a speed test:  How fast can I create a course?  I was able to create a course with videos, text, images, puzzles and even a three question quiz in under 12 minutes.  I recorded it and posted it for your viewing pleasure along with a breakdown of what and when.  How fast can you create a course?

To be fair, I should probably mention that, although I am far from being an expert, I have dabbled in making courses with Rapid Intake.  Also, I only set minimum and default settings and I didn’t use the review feature either.  Therefore, if you are making a serious elearning course, I’ll tell your right now,  it will take you more than 12 minutes.  The point is not that it will take you 12 minutes, the point is that it’s fast.

Below is my timeline and my video for creating the course:

0:00 – Create a new Free trial

1:30 – Start Project

2:30 – Ready to create content

3:00 – Add Video

5:15 – Add Text and Image

4:30 – Add Text

6:30 – Add Puzzle

7:30 – Create a four question Quiz

10:45 – Save Progress

11:00 – Export SCORM file.