7 Unexpected Ways To Integrate Branding In Corporate eLearning

7 unexpected ways to integrate branding into corporate elearning

How To Integrate Branding In eLearning

Developing a successful brand image is not an easy task. In fact, it takes a great deal of dedication, planning, and determination to cultivate an online brand that stands the test of time. Fortunately, integrating your brand into your eLearning course design can help build your brand and make it flourish. In this article, I’ll share some unexpected ways that you can brand your eLearning experiences without devoting a significant amount of time or resources to the process.

Including your logo and contact information are two of the easiest ways to integrate your brand image into your eLearning course. However, there are a variety of ways that you can take your branding to the next level and offer online learners more subtle reminders of your online presence. In other words, you can introduce them to your brand without hitting them over the head with large logos and website links on every page. Here are some of the overlooked brand integration techniques that you can use in your next eLearning course design.

  1. Fonts that reflect your company’s message.
    Even the font in your eLearning course can reflect the image and message, as well as the specific tone you are trying to convey. If the company already has a font type that they use for promotional materials, then you may want to consider carrying it over to your eLearning course. Otherwise, opt for a font that is legible and clearly depicts the overall feel of your organization. For example, a tech firm might want to use a more modern and sleek font for their eLearning program.
  2. Brand-specific layouts.
    Many eLearning authoring tools have templates that allow you to simply input your information, make minor modifications, and then upload the eLearning course. Search through their media library to see if there are any eLearning templates that align with your brand image. If not, you may want to create a master template yourself that you can use for all future eLearning courses. This gives you the opportunity to create a cohesive eLearning program without spending a great deal of time on the development process, as you already have an eLearning template on hand.
  3. Images featuring your locations.
    If you have a physical location, you can opt for images that showcase your office or sales floor. This not only brands your eLearning materials, but makes the eLearning experience relatable and realistic for your online learners. For example, an online scenario that features actual pictures of the work station creates a greater sense of immersion for your employees. You can also include pictures of your employees to give everyone a glimpse of your business team. This puts a personal spin on your organization and integrates the all-important human element.
  4. Color palettes.
    One of the easiest ways to incorporate branding in eLearning is to customize the color scheme. Many eLearning templates even feature color modification tools to personalize every aspect of the eLearning course design. Just be sure that you keep your colors consistent throughout. The exception to this would be using a different color scheme for different branches or departments within the organization. For example, you can set the customer service training apart from the HR training by using a different color palette.
  5. Background images.
    In addition to realistic images that feature your offices, you may also want to include background images that are reminiscent of your brand. These can even be abstract graphics or images that convey your message or overall style. Keep in mind that background images should not be distracting or chaotic, as this may prevent your online learners from focusing on the key takeaways of the eLearning course. Also, make sure that the font and background do not conflict with one another, such as using a dark colored font on a busy black and white background.
  6. Social media buttons.
    Social media buttons are one of the most overlooked branding tools that you have at your disposal. Rather than making your online learners search the web to find your Facebook and LinkedIn profile pages, they can simply click on a link or button to quickly like or subscribe to your social media feeds. Social media buttons also give you the opportunity to keep your learners informed and cultivate a social learning culture. When they have issues and need to reach out, they can post on your page or send you a private message in a matter of seconds. This further enhances your brand image, as online learners know that you respect their opinions and care about their experience by offering them social media contacts.
  7. Ensure that ALL online platforms are cohesive.
    Every eLearning course and promotional site or page that you may have online should align with your brand image. They should all contain the same logos, fonts, and general color scheme, so that online learners immediately recognize your organization. This also helps your company to build credibility. If you have not taken the time to clearly identify your brand image, then this is the first and most important step in the process. Sit down with your team to figure out the message you want to convey, the image you are trying to project, and which niche you fall into. If necessary, speak with a branding expert who can point you in the right direction and offer advice. Then you will be able to incorporate a solid and cohesive brand image into all of your learning and marketing materials without any ambiguity.

Including branding in eLearning to show your pride for the finished product and attract new clients who are impressed by your top notch eLearning experience. Use this guide to pick and choose the branding elements that are right for your eLearning strategy, when creating your next eLearning course.

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