Happy National IT Professionals Day

happy IT professionals dayWe’d like to wish all of our colleagues in IT a happy IT Professionals Day today! September 21, 2021 marks the occasion this year, annually celebrated on the third Tuesday of September. This honorary day was originally created in 2015 as a way to show appreciation for the gurus who quietly keep businesses humming along — often behind the scenes and unfortunately, all too often in thankless roles.

Well, not today.

Thank you! Please step out of the chilly sterility of the server room. Please look up from your confounding lines of code. Please put down your coworker’s malfunctioning phone for just a minute. And take a bow.

Regardless of your technical expertise — engineer, system admin, coder, etc. — cheers to you! You build and support essential solutions (like Litmos!) that the world can’t live without; you keep our precious technology running smoothly; you come gallantly to the rescue when we can’t get something to work (or just can’t figure it out).

Those of us who work in the software world especially — we truly appreciate the skill sets required of those who design, build, maintain, and fix all things IT. We get to see more than most, in regard to what it takes to make software. You’re a bunch of brainiacs for sure and I can’t imagine a world absent of the fruits of your labor.

If you’re reading this and aren’t an IT pro, today’s the day to take a geek to lunch; (just kidding about the geek part, although I personally think geek is a compliment). Or go buy the folks in that department a round of coffees, cupcakes, cookies, pizzas, sodas, whatever. I know from experience that IT people love to eat, especially as they’re working long hours, diligently doing the tasks that some of us will forever marvel at. Thanks again, IT superstars!