L&D Monsters: Attend this Webinar if You Dare

L&D monsters infographic downloadSome of the scariest monsters aren’t found in haunted houses and graveyards. They live inside your training program! From Frankenwhine to The Content Mummy, these L&D monsters roam among us, hiding in plain sight to wreak havoc on your corporate learning initiatives.

Who you gonna call to battle the creatures that make your blood run cold? The Litmos Dojo team! Our experts reveal practical magic to demystify the most fearful frights in training.

This spellbinding webinar will help you:

  • Catalogue the creatures that threaten your success
  • Conjure techniques to banish L&D monsters for good
  • Exorcise the demons of dated learning approaches
  • Create thriller training with killer new methodologies

L&D Monsters: Face the Most Fearful Frights in Training VIEW THE RECORDED WEBINAR >

In the Mood to Get Spooky? Get the L&D Monsters InfoGraphic.
For even more fun with L&D monsters, take a look at this infographic showing all eight, super scary creatures that can torment even the strongest learning programs. Before you attend the webinar, you may want to get to know the most notorious L&D monsters. We’ll go into them in much more detail during the webinar and tell you how you can defeat them once and for all.

  • Frankenwhine – This monstrosity complains until its victims run and hide.
  • The Checkbox Zombie – This zoned-out creature seeks compliance at all costs.
  • The Content Mummy – If your content is downright ancient, you’ve sighted the mummy.
  • The WHEREwolf – It takes form when learners struggle to find courses in the LMS.
  • The List Ghost – You’ve seen this apparition in upload lists but is The Ghost really there?
  • The Jack-o-learnin’ – You’ve heard of a Jack-of-all-trades. This Jack is similar but scarier.
  • The Culture Vampire – This ghoul can suck the energy out of any learning culture.
  • The Wicked Witch of the Test – She’ll swoop in and trick you into creating ineffective tests.