Learning Content to Fuel Your New Year’s Resolutions

training content resolutionIf there is one positive thing that can be taken away from 2020, it’s that you are capable of getting through anything.

It was tough, but you made it! Well done.

Welcome to 2021.

Now, after the year we’ve just had, it’s pretty safe to say everybody is ready to start afresh. So before the January blues set in and zap your motivation, let’s turn our attention in a positive direction.

New year’s resolutions are always a rather fraught concept. They are great in theory – a pact you make with yourself to focus on making positive changes in your life whether that’s targeting bad habits, making an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, or making little changes to how you interact with the world. But as many of us can attest to, new year’s resolutions aren’t quite so easy to maintain.

That is why we thought we’d start the new year by going through some of the most popular new year’s resolutions and turn you on to some of our amazing content that will help you to stay focused, motivated, and inspired throughout 2021.

This Year I Want to Think More Positively

Last year was rough. We don’t need to tell you that. And during it all, trying to remain positive in the face of those uncertain times was a proper challenge. As we enter this new year, you might still be concerned that staying positive may be just as challenging.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is vitally important for both your physical and mental health, so why don’t you check out this Positive Thinking course which is is part of the Health and Wellbeing collection. In it, you’ll learn how it’s possible to change your outlook to be more positive and optimistic. You’ll also learn several easy techniques to alleviate the everyday stresses that hold us all back from living a happier and healthier life.

This Year I Want to Kick My Bad Habits

Although we hate to admit it, we’ve all got those annoying bad habits that we know are wrong but just can’t bring ourselves to break. Whether it’s knuckle cracking or biting your fingernails, subconscious routines of behavior are super difficult to break because they are sub-conscious – we literally don’t even think about it when we’re doing them!

Fear not though as hope is at hand and it comes in the form of this Habits course. Check it out to learn how and why we form habits; look at the habitual mental pathways our brains follow; and get some practical tips for breaking those annoying habits. By taking the course, you’ll have a better understanding of where bad habits come from and be much better equipped to keep those urges at bay throughout the new year.

This Year I Want to Improve My Diet and Eat Healthily

It’s January. The holidays are well and truly over. It’s high time we draw a line under all the indulging that came in December and start a new healthy eating routine for the new year.

We all want to have the healthiest possible diet and not succumb to temptation but it’s not always that easy, especially when you have a busy workload and choosing the healthy eating options falls lower and lower on your list of daily priorities. Sound familiar?

If you are looking for some help with a healthy eating resolution, we recommend that you take a look at the Healthy Eating at Work course. It focuses on the daily choices you can make that will make your work life happier and healthier, as well as give you pointers on how to improve your overall wellbeing through healthy lifestyle choices.

This Year I Want to Limit My Time on Technology

2020 was the year of doom-scrolling. It seemed like we all became addicted to being up-to-date on the latest bleak news breaking on social media. We knew it was bad for us, but it still became an unhealthy obsession.

If you want to spend the new year tackling an unhealthy obsession with technology, we suggest you check out this Turn Away from Tech course, which is part of the new Mindfulness collection that includes other titles including The Benefits of Stoic Thinking, Letting Things Go, and Effective Listening. It sheds some light on technological addictions and how they’ve become so normalized. It will help you see how limiting your screen time can lead to being more present in your personal life.

This Year I Want to Live More Sustainably

Maybe 2021 is the year you resolve to change your lifestyle in order to save the world. It’s something we all would love to do. How great would be to start the new year off knowing that your behavior is no longer contributing to polluting the planet?

But where to begin in making your lifestyle more sustainable? One place to start would be considering your carbon footprint. So for all you aspiring environmental heroes out there, we suggest you check out this Reducing Your Carbon Footprint course, which is part of the Sustainability collection that also includes titles like What Is Sustainability, Realities of Recycling, and Ways To Zero Waste. It teaches a bit of science concerning how carbon emissions affect climate change, as well as exploring how the different aspects of your lifestyle contribute to your own carbon footprint. It gives you loads of positive daily steps to follow to help limit the amount of carbon you send into the atmosphere.

So, whatever you decide as your new year’s resolution, make sure to check out the Litmos Training Content library with more than a thousand eLearning courses. It’s the ideal source of information and inspiration to keep you going throughout 2021.

Good luck and have a great new year!