November Release Features and Benefits

We at Litmos are thrilled to announce our most recent LMS updates.
course authoring tool in lms

Built-in Content Authoring Tool

Content Author is an exciting new addition allowing users to create dynamic and visually appealing SCORM 1.2 content without ever leaving the LMS. This powerful feature is designed to support everyone from the novice content creator to the expert instructional designer to create engaging content in support of their organization’s goals. You can create new course pages within the LMS—no additional tools required.

Add predefined pages to your module or create your own pages by adding any components to an existing page. Modules use a standard, neutral theme and/or logo that’s imported from your LMS theme; they include simple navigation; allow you to create multiple pages and add, delete, and reorder those pages; and the tool produces accessible content by default. But the very best part? The authoring tool is built into the LMS, and doesn’t cost a thing.

Assessment Functionality

Assessment functionality has been enhanced with a range of new features designed to increase flexibility. This includes new question types to offer additional ways to test learner knowledge. New question options include the option to weight questions (especially useful for more complex or free text questions to make them represent a greater proportion of the total assessment score), optional questions, and new assessment level options. Litmos Training’s Assessment now also offers a Question Bank that allows Account Owners to create a “bank” of questions that can be reused and maintained across multiple assessments from a single location. This should decrease the need to duplicate work and save you significant time when creating similar assessments.

Litmos Assign 2.0

With this release, the Assign engine has been enhanced with the ability to create advanced assign rules, AND(All) and OR(Any) combinations, with additional filters criteria that can now be set to run on first-time login or a set frequency. These improvements make the Assign engine more powerful and efficient.

The user interface to create rules and edit rule pages has been updated to display separate sections for Filters, Assign, Unassign, and Run frequency segments. Assign and Unassign object Modals have been updated to search and select all required items before adding it to the rule.

Litmos Assign can now be used to un-assign learners from Teams. Users can be assigned to and un-assigned from Teams within the same rule. Now easily un-assign and re-assign users to different Teams in the event of a user’s reporting structure change or change in the user’s job role.

SCIM 2.0 for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

SCIM is an acronym for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management. SCIM is a standardized framework for managing user identities from a corporate user directory across cloud applications. The SCIM design requires the use of a common user object schema and user field extensions for syncing user identities, and it also offers a common group object schema for syncing group identities. SCIM 2.0 uses REST API protocols.

New Webhooks and APIs

Four new webhooks have been introduced with this update.


  • achievement.earned (learning paths)
  • session.created
  • session.registration
  • elearningCourse.processed

Webhooks allow external applications to receive data related to events that occur in your Litmos Training organization.

New APIs now available include sign-up tokens, a feature that provides organizations with a process that allows learners to enroll in training through a sign-up form; import courses in bulk; add a user to a team; and create a collection, a feature introduced to provide organizations with a way to offer a bundle of eLearning. A collection can include a variety of content including Assets, Courses, and Learning Paths. Each Collection must be distributed to Learners through a Collection “Listing.”

Want more? Watch the release highlights video; (you know we make the most entertaining ones in the biz):