Calculate Your Training Carbon Footprint

A cool new version of Learning Footprint was mentioned on Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day today, and it’s a tool that’s worth checking out.

Measuring a company’s carbon footprint is the first step in the drive towards reducing carbon usage in what is now a global movement toward a more environmentally friendly way of running businesses.

The team from HT2 have designed a calculator that measures how much carbon you could save by moving a percentage of face-to-face training to an online training system.

All you have to do is plug in some numbers based on trainee/trainer travel miles, paper usage and car/air travel, and the calculator tells you how many tonnes of CO2 your company is using per year on classroom-based training. It even gives you a nice visual translation like: “This would equate to filling 7.14 Olympic size swimming pools.”

These figures are then graphed over 5 years and you can adjust the inputs to see how you can best reduce carbon usage. Finally, the report can be exported to PDF ready to be taken in to that very important meeting, in support of a move to online training.

Why not give it a try – did I mention its free?