A New Way to Train Frontline Workers on Real-world Scenarios

how to train frontline workersWhile COVID remains prevalent in our world, many companies are finding it harder to provide one of the most beneficial types of scenario training: real experiences in the workplace. Especially for those with Frontline workers, being able to provide employees with real-life scenario training is more important than ever. Being able to provide that training on demand in your LMS is even better.

Enter Litmos Founder, Daniel Allen, and ShowHow.

ShowHow is Daniel’s new venture in New Zealand which helps organizations to change behaviors and build capabilities with learning experiences that imitate real-life scenarios.

ShowHow provides a new way to create scenario-based learning experiences that look and feel like the real world. It gives learners an opportunity to practice skills they’ve learned in face-to-face training sessions or through eLearning. By utilizing the easy-to-use authoring tool inside of the ShowHow platform, which includes storyboarding, video editing, voice recording, and analytics, you can create scenarios that include virtual reality with 360 video and photos, voice recognition and recording, QR code scanning and simple decisions, multiple choice, ordering, and full text answers.  These modules are designed to be short learning experiences where, if your learner knows what they are doing, they can complete the task quickly and efficiently. If they get something wrong, you can deliver micro-learning interventions that assist with that scenario before moving on in their training. The modules are set up to respect the learner’s time and attention and get them back to their daily tasks!

“ShowHow is a new way to create immersive learning experiences to better prepare your frontline teams,” said Daniel Allen about this emerging technology, “and it is more important than ever that those teams be regularly and sufficiently trained.”

So how does ShowHow work with Litmos?

Glad you asked! ShowHow can be embedded into your custom courses built within the Litmos course builder or uploaded as a SCORM file into your courses. It is designed to explore the gray areas of decision-making and managing processes in real-life scenarios. By utilizing ShowHow inside of Litmos modules, you can create immersive and engaging learning experiences for practicing soft skills, situational awareness, decision-making, and managing processes.

For many learners, the best scenario training comes from the real-life experiences that are not always easy to reproduce inside online training.  ShowHow can help you workshop these scenarios to explore what happened, understand how it was delt with, and evaluate the knowledge that was gained. With the immersive content produced in ShowHow, your eLearners can be face-to-face with their trainer through the mobile experience, VR headset, or even on their desktop. These modules can then be used as scenarios so that the rest of the team can experience the situation and explore what they would have done in the same scenario.

A handful of Litmos customers are already using ShowHow with their Litmos instances for scenarios such as safety training, intelligence gathering, difficult and confrontational customers, medical training, sales training, and more! We can’t wait to see how your teams utilize ShowHow to create engaging immersive content to boost your training!